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The Retro “Space Age” Style

Recent years has seen an unexpected comeback for the classic looks, with everything from bathroom commodities to kitchen accessories in the most idyllic color schemes alluding to a newfound taste for the futuristic view of the future from the standpoint of the soulful seventies and the swinging sixties.

If you are not sure what I am talking about, imagine the product of a set from the movie “Barbarella” and a typical 60s ice cream parlour resulting in a totally ‘futuristic’ turn-of-the-century designed interiors themed with Abigail’s party — well, if that doesn’t do the subject justice, what will?

  1. The Retro TV stand

The best place to begin developing your home’s retro decor is to address the living room; and what is the focal point of the living room? For better or worse, most living rooms are situated around the TV — a trend originated in the 60’s for optimal motion picture viewing. Well, it stuck!

The retro design for a TV features some smooth curves and some portion of which is glass, the shelves or doors for instance. If you want an idea of a great design, Zespoke has some prime examples that are fully customizable. So you can flip through design features and select the best color for your home as well. Nothing says “Retro” like some bodacious purples and oranges — coming to think of it, wasn’t walnut popular too?

If you want to consolidate the effect, consider using the TV stand as a subtle statement piece, and then pick up on that beat with the same colors and smooth curves featured in the TV stand design reflected in other elements of your decor.

If you prefer the complete overhaul, use the TV stand as a just part of an overall retro statement involving other key pieces of the living room furnishings.

  1. Look to the Greats

To perfect the “space-age” effect, which makes a decent retro styled decor, select furnishings from the mid-century. Think of ovals and curves as well as bubbles and glossy surfaces. Perspex furniture is great too — colored or clear.

For some excellent examples of looks to emulate, look at the styles of the mid-century greats like Isamu Noguchi, Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen and Eames. Although these designers may predate what most people would consider retro, they have a very futuristic design about them which means that line up nicely with pieces from future generations.

  1. Back to the Future

A lot of what the designers produced was based on their fuzzy conceptions of what would be considered ‘futuristic’, they translated these idea to some pretty outlandish shapes and designs.

The Egg Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen is one such idea and lava lamps are another — see the predilection for curves and shapes that were far removed from straight lines and right angles. It’s one of a number of great dining side chairs you can see here at Rove Concepts.

So if you want that futuristic look think about bends, bows, arches and many other brightly colored shapes that express a sense of fluidity and motion.

  1. Be Bold

You can’t be timid when it comes to coloring the interior in retro style hues. Whether you are splashing paint, considering a sofa or choosing wall art, the colors must be loud, proud and waaaaaay over the top, most of all, they must be your top priority.

Purples, chocolate browns and dirty yellows are top notch. Pastels are also clever choices with greens and yellows, greens and pinks highlight your color scheme with some sharp whites to keep things comfy and cool.

  1. Combine your Retro look with a Contemporary Feel

This does not mean you must systematically start trading in your contemporary accessories and furnishings. Part of the appeal of this look is how the retro and contemporary coexist side by side in your home.


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