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Sound Reducing Curtains: Sound Dampening for Studios on a Budget

Sound Reducing Curtains: Sound Dampening for Studios on a Budget


When designing your home or professional studio, one important consideration that goes into it is, naturally, deciding how to dampen sound and soundproof the space. Sound dampening and soundproofing is essential for ensuring good sound quality by decreasing or eliminating ambient external and internal noise that might otherwise degrade the quality of a sound recording—examples of this might be external construction or traffic noise, or the internal sound of people or computers within the studio. Given that some recording and producing computers can be very powerful and naturally create a lot of noise, that can often be a very pertinent concern.

In addition, soundproofing and sound-dampening materials can help insulate other people in your home, building, or neighborhood from your noise as well. Especially if you’re in a small building or populous area, that can be incredibly important. Creating and dispersing too much noise to your neighbors can lead to sour relationships and sometimes even official complaints.

The usual method for dampening sound in studios are heavy sound-dampening wall panels that block out and dampen ambient noise; however, for many consumers, the price of those wall panels is often restrictive, whether or not it might be preferable for a certain situation. A more cost-effective alternative to wall panels—particularly for home studios—is sound-dampening studio sound curtains.

sound reducing curtains

Why you should use sound-dampening curtains

Compared to wall panels, sound-dampening studio curtains are more versatile and easier to fit into home spaces that may have to serve multiple purposes. Unlike wall panels, they can be easily taken up and down, and can be used to isolate a certain subsection of a room as a recording studio rather than requiring the entire room to be soundproofed. Especially in a home, efficient usage of space can often be paramount. In addition, unlike wall panels, sound dampening curtains require no hefty installation, which is convenient.

In addition, curtains are often more aesthetically pleasing than wall panels. Whereas many sound-dampening wall panels are oddly shaped and bulky, curtains—especially our beautiful custom velvet curtains! —can give you effective sound dampening in an aesthetically pleasing form. Sound reducing curtains fit seamlessly into your existing decoration, and can even enhance it by creating a lush, beautiful accent to it.

sound dampening curtains

Even if you don’t have any kind of recording studio, sound-dampening curtains can even be useful for home offices where you may need to take important phone calls. There’s nothing more annoying than being in the middle of a call and struggling to talk over noise that is happening around you. And in return, sound-dampening curtains mean that your family will not have to listen to you talk on the phone all day.

Sound Reducing Curtains

Luxury Velvet Curtains from Lushes Curtains

Here at Lushes Curtains, we provide a wide array of luxury sound reducing velvet curtains for all your sound dampening and soundproofing needs. We specialize in custom 100% cotton velvet curtains, although we do have some off-the-rack velvet curtains options as well if you’re looking for something more basic. However, we do believe there’s nothing quite like custom. Here at Lushes Curtains, we provide quick, quality custom delivery for any of our sound-dampening velvet curtains your looking for.

Sound Reducing Curtains

When customizing your curtains, there are a number of different elements you can personalize. For starters, of course, you can always choose the dimensions of your curtains, so they fit perfectly into your space. You are also free to choose whatever color you like, so they fit beautifully into your room with all the rest of your décor. We have a very wide variety of color choices, so if you can dream it, we can make it. Particularly in a home studio, we know the aesthetic of your space is important. Along that same vein, you can also customize the hanging type (grommet vs rod pocket) of your curtains according to your tastes and needs.


Rod pocket and grommet eyelet top

In addition to that, you can customize the number of layers you want for your curtains. This is important because the number of layers you choose determines the amount of noise canceling the curtains provide. Single-layer curtains (which are available on our website ) cancel out 15-20% of noise; double layer curtains (which are custom only) cancel out 35-40% of the noise, and triple-layer curtains (also custom only) cancel out 55-60% of the noise. You could also do single layer curtains with blackout thermal lining (similarly, custom only) which block out 25-30% of the noise.

You can view our Acoustic Sound Testing Results here for our Single Layer 100% Cotton Velvet Curtains.

The amount of noise-canceling you’ll need depends on what quality of recording you expect and need, your environment, and also how loud your recording is. For example, if you are looking for production-quality sound but live on a busy city street, you will certainly need double or triple layer curtains to get the sound quality you need. If you play a loud instrument—like drums—and want to avoid bothering your neighbors, that may be another reason to go for double or triple layer curtains. Alternatively, if you do not need production-quality sound, live in a very quiet environment, and play quieter instruments—for example—you might be able to get away with single layer curtains, either lined or unlined. However, if you’re looking for top-quality, double or triple layer curtains will always be your best bet.

sound reducing curtains

In addition to our curtains, we also carry a wide variety of high-quality other products, including hardware like curtain rods, tension rods, and more. We can also provide aesthetic-improving products such as fringe trims and curtain tiebacks, to make your space truly pop. We know there’s more that goes into installing curtains than just the curtains, and we want to help you with all of it.

If you are interested at all in any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions that come with choosing the right sound dampening curtains for your situation.

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