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Are you thinking of staging your house for sale? Give it a special advantage over other homeowners by staging it properly before you declare it for sale. Use the following secrets to stage your home with a distinctive look that will get potential buyers running your way.

  1. Go neutral

That shouting color may be so beautiful to you, and indeed to many other people, but it is not sure that the buyer will be amused. Neutral colors have the advantage of giving the buyer the chance to add his preferred color.

Before you put the sale notice, add some neutral color like grey on top of the current color so that your house can be “acceptable to all.”

  1. Give some special attention to the entrance

The first impression is always critical. Whatever the buyer meets at the entrance will inform his opinion on the entire house.

You can place some eye-catching decoration at the entrance, but do not overdo it. Put a doormat to help remove the dust that might otherwise find its way into the house. Also, remember to remove all decoration that is not necessary and keep it away. It may destroy the beauty of the decoration.

  1. Do thorough cleaning

This is a special time for your house. It is like preparing a bride for her wedding day. Give it that special cleaning that you have never done before. Here also you should fix all the breakages and leakages. If there are any leaking pipes, you can always access 24 hour plumbing service in Charlotte NC to correct any fix it

Imagine walking the buyer around, only to stumble on this leaking pipe at the corner behind the kitchen-you should as well consider that a slipped deal with no further ado.

  1. Do away with the clutter

It can be so irritating to have all that clutter as you move around with the buyer. Take away all that pile of clothes. Only keep what is very important for your day-to-day use. All those other clothes and paper should be taken to some room where the buyer is not expected to enter.

Empty your closets of all unnecessary items. You can keep them somewhere from where you will be able to get them later when you need them. Removing the clutter will help to create more space in your home.

  1. Repair and fix everything

Take a close look at your floor, walls, the sinks and everywhere. Fill up those holes on your floor, and patch every unwanted depression on the wall.

Take a look at the sinks and see that they are not leaking. If there is any leakage, you should immediately call experts to fix it. There are professional 24 Plumbing Emergency Service providers in Charlotte NC, who will help you fix that. Unclog the entire drainage system. Go through the bathroom and ensure the water is flowing well-there is no blockage whatsoever.

  1. Depersonalize the rooms

You have to ensure that the buyer feels the house as his own. To achieve this, remove everything that creates the impression that you are still the owner, and let the owner feel like he can easily convert it into what he wants it to be.

Remove your photos that are on the wall. Pull down every picture on the wall. Also, remove the clothes that connect the house to you. Remove everything that is religiously suggestive. Get to the bathroom and remove the toothbrush and the personals-they may not be so pleasing to the buyer.

This is a painful and challenging process, but it will surely increase the chances of your house catching the eye of buyers.

  1. Go fresh

Everybody loves flowers. Adding some beautiful fresh flowers on the kitchen table and in the living room will make it even more attractive o the eyes of the buyer. Place the flowers strategically to catch the eye of the buyer as he will be moving around to see the house. If you are unable to get the fresh flowers, fake flowers can still do.

Also, ensure that there is no odor in the house. Do some deep can to eliminate the odor. You may also want to use some scented plug-ins, but let it not be the shouting kind.

Ensure the pets are also clean and odorless. If possible, keep the pets away. Some people do not love your best pet, and too much contact with the anomia can turn them off.

  1. Ensure proper lighting

A well-lit room looks bigger. Keep the blinds open as you take the buyer around. This will also help reduce the extent of any odor that you may have overlooked.

Imagine the buyer stumbling and falling off as you take him around. To avoid such embarrassing accidents, let there be adequate light.

The buyer needs to see the beauty that you have given your house. Make this possible by keeping the lights on.

  1. Properly position the furniture

Choose what furniture you want in the living room, and which one goes to the bedroom. The most important thing is to position the furniture in a way that allows for smooth movement in the rooms. Keep the sofas away from the wall, in small conversational groups to give the space a beautiful look.

Get that extra armchair to the bedroom and place it strategically under your reading table. If you have some room that has been idle or had been used for junk, give it some beauty. Clear the trash and give it life. Place a decent carpet, and add some matching pillows.

  1. Give your cabinets new faces

Replacing your cabinets may be a little too expensive, but replacing the doors and drawer fronts is not. Make them attractive by painting them with a color that matches well with the color of the house. If the dishware is a little aged, consider replacing it

The process of staging a home may be so expensive and demanding, but it is worth it. It gives your home the beauty that gets buyers coming, and saves you from having to do too much advertising.

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