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Party Backdrop Ideas for the Coming Holidays

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your party details like catering, entertainment, and a party backdrop for your decorating, which will lend a festive and appealing touch to all the festivities. Obviously it takes some time to plan and arrange for all the elements necessary to successfully stage a holiday party that will be enjoyable and memorable to attendees, so it’s best to get a jump on things early and avoid having to do frantic, last-minute preparations. Of all the party aspects requiring consideration, the one which may take the most thought is figuring out a party backdrop which will be visually appealing and entertaining for your guests, so here are three ideas which you may want to use to get started.

A North Pole Christmas

Nothing could be more directly reflective of the holiday spirit than setting up a North Pole scene in your party room, or in the meeting room at work, if that’s where you’re planning your party. Rich white velvet panels can be draped over chairs or whatever else you have handy, to suggest snowy slopes in an Arctic setting. Add to that a wide metal pipe (or even a cardboard one), wrapped in the traditional red and white barber pole spiral stripes, and you’ve instantly identified the locale of your setting – although a sign would help too. A giant poster of Santa Claus in his sleigh could complete the arrangement, with a panel or two of red velvet fabric surrounding the sleigh to add color, depth, and the subtle notion of luxury.

The Christmas Village

Everyone loves a quaint little village depiction of the Christmas season, with all the little shops and stores from a bygone era, when times were simpler and parties were more heartfelt. If you happen to have a good collection of these village pieces from past Christmas celebrations, they can be setup around a velvet backdrop which acts as a unifying element for the whole scene, and adds richness and warmth to the village. One large velvet panel behind the entire scene can serve as the termination of the landscape, and will also focus attention on the scene below.

Party photo backdrop

The most popular component of almost any party is the photo backdrop where party-goers can have pictures taken of themselves during the act of merriment. By setting up a temporary setting in the party room, and surrounding it with a red or black velvet backdrop, you can be sure that practically everyone in attendance will want to take their turn being photographed, so they can have a remembrance of the season. Your velvet backdrop will provide the perfect background for photo-taking, and will lend a lush appearance to the pictures of relatives, friends, or co-workers, at the best party they will attend this season.

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