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Number One Reason Why Curtains Should Match Your Mattress Covers

We all admire and dream about a bedroom like the ones we see in magazines.You know what I’m talking about; that design that is cozy, yet elegant, airy, but not too much, just the right touch for a wonderful evening with your partner or the family.

Still, each time you try to put things together and create a wonderful ambiance, some elements will always feel out of place. It seems like it’s almost impossible to match the warmth you see in pictures! Well, what if I told you it’s not that difficult? You just need to know a few secrets that bring everything together.

Of course, it helps to hire a designer for some tips and tricks about the wall and flooring colors, but if you can’t afford it, the tips below will be just as helpful, regardless of the size of your room.

#1: Get the Right Curtains

Any designer will tell you that the charm of a bedroom is highly dependent on the curtains you choose. In fact, the charm of any room starts with the curtains, but the bedroom is more sensitive to this aspect. First, you have to take it rationally: the bedroom is the room where you rest (day or night) so you’ll have to choose thick, heavy curtains that will keep the light out for the case when you decide to take a nap during the day.

Heavy curtains are just as useful in keeping some sound level out of the room and don’t allow any air currents to disturb your slumber.

#2: Choose the Colors Right

Another aspect that will help bring everything into place is the color palette. Now, when it comes to the bedroom, the colors must be calming and soothing in order to create that coziness you see in magazines. If you use too much of a strong color, your sleep may be agitated and your bedroom won’t seem so inviting anymore.

Even more, colors you choose must complement each other. For instance, the color of the ceiling must be in accordance with the color of the floor and the walls. But you also have to consider the color of the furniture and of the bedding and curtains.

One important rule is that, if the bed is close to the window, the color of your mattress cover must match the color of your curtains. This way, you create a continuous flow and invite the eye to continue the journey through the rest of the room. If the mattress cover and the curtains are contrasting with each other, the design flow if broken and your bedroom will seem a bit out of place. This is the number one reason why a decorator will always tell you that the mattress covers and the curtains should match.

#3: Keep it Simple

The bedroom is a personal space so you should keep it as simple as your heart desires. It is a space where you have to feel comfortable and relaxed so make sure to invest in high-quality products instead of going overboard with the decorations. For instance, it’s best to choose a high-quality mattress and keep things simple with the bed frame – after all you’re sleeping on the mattress, not the frame!

I know from Try Mattress that some of the best sleeping surfaces can be expensive, but by choosing a simple bed frame, you can balance the costs out. The same goes for the curtains vs. window treatments. It’s best to have well-designed, heavy curtains that keep the light and sound out than to invest in extra-elegant window treatments.


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