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Man Cave Decor Ideas

The majority of your home may be dedicated to your kids and wife. There’s no real space that you can call your own. However, there may be a neglected basement or side room that’s never in use. Consider a renovation of these areas so that you can have a man cave. This dedicated space for your interests is perfect for after-work amusements and weekend relaxation. Explore the man-cave decor ideas that you can employ as you revamp your space.

Pinball Mania

Kick off your man-cave decor ideas by adding in a pinball machine. These classic games are fun, functional and offer a unique aesthetic. Pick from nearly any movie, cartoon or other genre that has pinball-related products. A Star Wars Premium Pinball Machine by Stern is a perfect piece that reflects your love for science fiction and the movies.

Pick an area along the sidelines that can house the pinball machine. It requires a flat surface to properly operate. If the machine senses any improper level, the ball may not play as well as it should in a better location.

Coffee Table With Hidden Ottoman

When you have friends over in the man cave, you want a surface for drinks and snacks without sacrificing floor space. Consider a coffee table that has a hidden ottoman within its housing. Use the coffee table as your drink surface while pulling out the ottoman whenever extra seating or a footstool is necessary. The ottoman rests perfectly in the table so that there’s never an issue of walking around the man cave with limited space.

These coffee tables come in a variety of different materials, shapes and sizes. Be sure to measure and verify your purchase before installing it in the man cave.

Display Case

Most men have some coveted items that they’d love to display, but they don’t fit into the home’s main decor. Your man cave is the next, best location for your trophies, collectibles and other items. Add a display case to one wall so that you can add as many of your items to the space as possible.

Consider display frames when a basic cabinet isn’t sufficient. Most display products are made of glass so that you can see every inch of the items. Pick out your best collectibles for a man cave that shines.

Strategic Lighting

With so many display items in your man-cave collection, don’t forget to spotlight them with recessed or track lighting. Experiment with several light fixtures so that you can get to know how the illumination works on your walls and collectibles. Consider fixtures that drop down from the ceiling too. Most man caves are somewhat dim with spotlights on key accents, such as your sport-jersey collection. Try a dimmer switch on the lights too. Controlling the space’s lighting is part of creating a desired ambiance.

Sofa Conversion

Most men look for reclining chairs to include in their man caves, but consider the addition of a sofa. This couch doesn’t have to be a huge model. Ideally, you want the furniture to convert into a small bed. Sofa conversions give you versatility in the man cave if a friend stays over for the night. You’ll have an instant bed for the visitor without disturbing the rest of the household. Folding up the bed is simple, which changes the room back to a social area in the morning.

Framed Art

Aside from your display items, consider some framed pieces for the rest of your walls. Framed art is relatively inexpensive when you purchase copies of famous pieces. Select art that reflects your thought process, or invokes deep contemplation.

This art should roughly match the surrounding decor so that everything flows together. If you have an animal-print theme, consider nature photos or sketches. Your limitations are only in the mind as you design and decorate the space.

Rubber-Tile Protection

A unique, flooring option includes rubber tiles. These specialized tiles are made of resilient rubber mixtures that can take on any drops or scuffs. They don’t look like the industrial pads that you see in work areas either. These tiles come in almost every color imaginable with varied textures. Lay these tiles out on the floor, and you’ll feel the comfortable cushioning beneath you with each step.

Unless you have a completely unfinished room, most of these decor ideas can be finished with DIY knowledge. Go ahead and make the space your own. You deserve a man cave that shows off your personality while offering a relaxing retreat at all times.


Author:  Jessica Kane is a writer for The Pinball Company, the best online source for new, used, and refurbished pinball machines, arcade cabinets, and more!

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