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Make that Bold Statement With Velvet Drapes and Curtains

Just about everyone with a sense of interior design appreciates the lush beauty of velvet drapes and curtains, and with good reason. The elegance and depth imparted by velvet can completely determine the character of any given room, and at the very least will have a huge impact on the overall mood. One of the really great things about velvet is that it can be used in so many ways to achieve so many different effects and moods, all of which are wonderfully appealing. Here are a few ideas for making your own bold and personal statement with velvet curtains and drapes.

Soft earth tones

There is a warm and inviting appeal provided by soft earth tones that is just undeniable. Deep coffee-brown velvet curtains can be complemented by leather upholstery on your room furniture, and natural wood coffee tables or end tables blend in nicely. This kind of room has a safe, natural feel to it, almost as though you are being embraced in Mother Nature’s arms, right in your own home.


Regal red velvet

Unmistakably royal, crushed red velvet hanging from curtains or on wall tapestries can evoke that same kind of majesty in your red velvet room. The long, flowing folds of a blood-red velvet curtain call to mind the rippling robes of a monarch, fully decked out in royal wardrobe. Coordinating touches might include a deep red floor covering, plush magenta upholstery, and possibly even walls or ceilings painted in a dark red. This is the kind of room you can really go all-in on, to make the boldest statement of your household.

Mood indigo

How about letting the classic Duke Ellington song be your inspiration for a subtle blue room, tinged with the slightest hint of violet? In stark contrast to the warm browns and flaming reds described above, the cool-toned blue can be the perfect backdrop for creation of a quiet, more somber atmosphere. Floor-length indigo-colored curtains can highlight this room, and can be supported with darker blue area rugs, with possibly some in-between shaded blue upholstery for the furniture.

Pretty in pink

This was a great idea for a prom gown in the movie of the same name, and it’s a great idea for a very special, boldly decorated room in your home. Various shades of pink can provide a very soft glow to a room, either for a child’s bedroom, or for your own personal retreat when you’re in a compassionate, nurturing, or loving mood. Red velvet curtains can be accompanied by splashes of pink all around the room, for instance on wall hangings, paintings, carpeting, lighting, and possibly even painted walls or ceiling.

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