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Interaction of Throw Pillows and Curtains in Contemporary Interior Design

Interaction of Throw Pillows and Curtains in Contemporary Interior Design

It may come as a surprise but pillows and curtains aren’t even a relatively new creation. Pillows date way back to early Mesopotamia in 7000 BC. These were made from stone and were designed to protect the head which was seen as the most spiritual part of the body.

Fortunately, things have moved on somewhat since those early days, and now comfort is a major factor with pillows. Curtains also date back a long way. There is evidence of curtains being used in old civilizations such as Pompeii.

Curtains back then were used for keeping cold winds and the sun out, and for privacy. Today’s modern window treatments still have the same practical uses, but they are admired for their aesthetic values too.

When it comes to some simple contemporary interior design, the combination of throw pillows and curtains can work wonders on a room.

Should You Be Concerned about the Interaction Between Your Curtains and Throw Pillows?

When you are looking to decorate a room, curtains and pillows can play a simple, yet very effective part in the process. There are many ways that you can brighten up your home, and these two elements should not be overlooked.

Curtains have as much a part of the overall look of a room as any other piece of furniture or accessory. When you consider the size of the drapes in a home, it is easier to understand that the wrong choice of curtains could suck all the energy out of a room.

Similarly, throw pillows and cushions can add an injection of life and color to a living room or a bedroom. When worked well with the curtains, they can create ambiance and energy.

How to Coordinate Your Pillows and Curtains

If you want to make your home look like you hired an interior designer then you need to understand one thing. How to mix and match your throw pillows with your curtains.

Many people would assume that you need to coordinate and match the pillows and curtains. But this is not necessarily so.

A trained and experienced eye can spot the patterns and colors that work well together, along with the size of the patterns, so that your accessories are not battling with each other.

To make this interaction between pillows and curtains easier, you can use what is called the rule of three.

What is The Rule of Three?

This is a simple way to help you get the best out of your home’s accessories when decorating. Consider choosing three colors that complement each other, along with three patterns, and three pattern sizes.

The curtains and pillows do not always have to match, but you should consider colors that either complement each other, or contrast for a more striking ambiance.

For example:

  • Dark blue + turquoise + beige
  • Beige + brown + dark brown
  • Pink + purple + mustard

For instance, if you wanted purple decorative pillows, then you might want to choose cyan and blue as your other two colors. Or perhaps something more striking such as purple, orange, and green.

This rule of three also applies to patterns. For instance, choose a solid color and match it with one geometric pattern, and one floral design.

Can you have Too Many Throw Pillows?

Absolutely. While throw pillows can add color and ambiance to a room, they can also be overused. There is no hard and fast rule as to how many throw pillows you should use, but there are some simple considerations to be had.

If it is a sofa or bed that you are decorating, then remember what the purpose of the piece of furniture is. Sofas and beds have practical uses and are not merely ornamental. If you have so many pillows on your couch that you cannot sit on them, then you need to remove some.

When it comes to interior design and the use of colorful accessories, then the less is more rule is very applicable.

How should you display your throw pillows?

Some personal aesthetics will come into play here, but you can return to the rule of three for some help.

There is a strong belief in design that odd numbers look modern. So by using 3, or 5, or 7, pillows, you will create the best effect.

On a couch, try working your way from the outside to the middle starting with the largest pillows and ending with the smallest. This creates an area in the middle of the sofa surrounded by comfort and color.

On a bed, start with your standard pillows at the back, then work your way forward until the smallest throw pillows are at the front.


In conclusion, the interaction between throw pillows and curtains is important when looking to add ambiance and energize a room. It is one of the simpler ways to add color and accessorize a home, yet it can also be an economic one as you can take them with you.

Many people leave their curtains behind when they move home, but according to Realtor, the drapes can be taken when you sell the home as they are not considered fixtures.

This means that properly matched and coordinated throw pillows and curtains can give you joy in your current home, and in the future.

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