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Inspirational Home Office Decor Ideas

Inspirational Home Office Decor Ideas

The number of telecommuters and remote workers in the world is at its all-time-high. Some people have part-time jobs online that they use in order to improve their household budget. Others, just bring their work home, which means that they spend an hour or so late in the evening either wrapping up things for the day or completing what they’ve started previously. Then, there are those who see telecommuting as their full-time job, especially since it allows them to provide for themselves and their family without ever having to leave their comfort zone. A lot of introverts would have it no other way.

However, just because you can work from home, this doesn’t mean that you can do it at the top of your productivity. First of all, you need to keep in mind that while working from the living room sofa in your underwear with your laptop in your lap is, technically, possible, it’s not quite productive. There’s a reason why traditional offices are designed the way they are. This is in order to boost the overall productivity, which is something that you need to consider, as well. This is why more and more Australian telecommuters tend to make their home-offices and pay special attention to their decoration. Here are a couple of tips to help make your home office décor as inspirational as possible.

1.      The choice of colour

Home Office Decor Ideas

Colour definitely affects your productivity, which is something that you have to keep in mind at all times. Still, claiming that there’s such a thing as an optimal colour for productivity would be outright ridiculous. It all depends on your industry, your type of work and your particular task. For instance, if your work requires a lot of negotiation, networking and similar high-energy tasks, then aggressive and energizing red would be ideal for your home office. Yellow, on the other hand, is great for creativity, which is why it’s so amazing for artists and all sorts of creative workers. Do some research and don’t forget to include your personal preference in the decision-making process.

2.      Intrinsic motivation

Inspirational Home Office Decor Ideas

Posting inspirational quotes on the wall is a method that’s of questionable efficiency. On the one hand, it could help but, on the other hand, there’s no guarantee that it will do the trick. It all depends on whether or not it has a personal meaning for you, does it speak to you on a deep and personal level. If the answer is no, then there’s no point in hanging it on the wall just so that you can fill in a blank space. What you need to find is something that provides you with intrinsic motivation. One of the best examples of this is Homer Simpson’s alteration of “Don’t forget: You’re Here Forever.” Into “Do it for her” with the use of photos of his youngest daughter Maggie. Pulling off a similar thing in your own home office could be a handy intrinsic-motivation-boosting trick.

3.      Stimulate all your senses

Home Office Decor Ideas

In order to stay productive, you need to feel comfortable in the room and in order to achieve this, you need to ensure that the room appeals to all of your senses (not just visual). First of all, what you need is to set the temperature right. Seeing as how you’re the only occupant of the room, you get to set the thermostat to how it suits you. Second, when it comes to the fragrance of the room, you get to just find a flower delivery Adelaide service and get yourself what you need in order to make your South Australia-based home office complete. There are so many tiny details that can make all the difference.

4.      Let there be light

Inspirational Home Office Decor Ideas

Previously, we’ve discussed the importance of motivation and one of the things that affect it the most is the influx of natural light. Sadly, a home office usually gets to be the room that’s left after all the other functions are delegated. This means that there might not be much you can do about the alignment of the room, the position and the size of the windows and other factors. Installing a skylight is not always a possibility and it’s an expensive project. Still, you could paint the wall in reflective surfaces, clear any furniture pieces that are obstructing the flow of light out of the way and even install a mirror. Just make sure that the mirror in question isn’t in a place where it will act as a constant distraction.

Apart from this, you need to keep in mind that some people love working late at night, which is why you need to have a functional artificial lighting system in place, as well. LED is a clear choice, due to its energy-saving properties, however, it is the source of light that should be your main preoccupation. First of all, you need a task light and a downlight for the room, in general. In other words, layer lighting is probably the safest choice.

5.      Eliminate distractions

The very last thing you need to focus on is eliminating all the distractions. First of all, if you’re not living alone, you need to have “the talk” with other inhabitants of your home about when are your work hours and that you’re not to be disturbed in this period. You might also want to remove all the unnecessary distractions from the office, in order to make it easier for you to focus on the task at hand. Lastly, you need to do your best to sound-proof the place. This way, you get to stop the distractions from penetrating your safe place; your shrine of mind-process and productivity.

In conclusion

The most difficult thing about this lies in the fact that creating an inspirational home office lies in the fact that the very word inspirational is subjective and, as such, prone to interpretation. Some would prefer a traditional ergonomic workstation while others want a standing desk. All in all, the above-listed five suggestions are universally applicable and helpful in allowing you to get the most out of your home office.

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