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How White Velvet Curtains are perfect for any Miami Theme Decor

Velvet has been in use since 2000 B.C. Being an expensive material; it was used only by royal people. Spanning the medieval era, through the Renaissance period till today, velvet has come a long way. The fabric has been put to various uses from dresses to home décor making it look rich and elegant. It was only after the industrial revolution that velvet garments and upholstery and décor items were made affordable. However, there is still a class of velvet that is expensive. Nowadays, velvet curtains are in great vogue. They have taken the home furnishing market by storm.

Adding elegance to your home décor

No matter you are using the latest trend home décor fabrics and upholstery you will not get satisfactory results unless you add a dash of velvet to it. Believe it, people are started choosing velvet curtains that any other fabric as it adds a different look and not to forget elegance to your room décor. Whether you are using it in your sitting room or bedroom, consider having done in customized white velvet curtains that gives you that pure Miami look.


Getting that beach effect right in your sitting room

We always wanted to have our sitting room look exclusive, awesome, and relaxing. What could be the better way to give that oomph by decorating it with white velvet curtains? Imagine that you are sitting at that white sandy Miami Beach, with cool breeze flowing free and you are relaxing closing your eyes. Obviously you will crave to have that feeling right in your sitting room- white velvet curtains will help you get that exact feel to that of Miami beach.


White Velvety curtains adds romance when they are framed nicely

Beach décor brings tranquility and beauty into your home. It is a timeless style that gives rooms a bright, airy feeling. However, while decorating the room with plush interiors to get that Miami Beach look, the majority of the people concentrate on rug, wall color, sofas and adding paintings etc. They completely overlook the curtain part – well, it is the most integral part of the room décor that change the entire look of your room.

It gives the sense of elegance and luxury

Velvet is a classic fabric that is born to give elegance and luxury to any room décor. The custom made white velvet curtains will completely transform your décor into some rich, classy place. There are ranges of themes that you can have with velvet curtains. To get a beach décor is extremely easy and flexible. You can design your room which can be formal, casual or anywhere in between. The coastal décor window coverings should provide the privacy, insulation, climatic changes and light filtration, and what could be the better way it would be than having hanged white velvet curtains????

Down by the sea view

The signature elements in the Miami Beach décor include prints and decorative motifs featuring sea creatures. The windows featuring white velvet curtains that incorporate the colors found in nature provide the theme for the room. Sheer silk tie-top panels with embroidered seahorses or silk-screened fish can frame living room windows with a dreamy underwater scene. Add additional fabric to floor-length curtains or using curtains that overflow onto the floor offers a dramatic tropical-inspired feel. To avoid going overboard and cluttering window space, balance the curtain panels with solid sheers.


White sands and ocean mist

If you are lucky enough to have a home nearing to the beach area, neutral cream color or white velvet curtains can help frame the windows and brings the seaside imaginary right into your room. A sitting room with light and bright white velvet fabric curtains can help enhance the sunny beach themed palette of tranquil blues, energetic orange and vibrant greens. The velvet curtains with the wooden ring header can work well in the kitchen where light can enter. The curtains hung wider than the frame works well with the larger picture windows, especially for those who live near the beach scenic views.

Oceans of blue

Include numerous blue hues found at the beach to your room décor. White and blue combination looks perfect in there, include a velvety white curtains with wide, flat box pleats or you can choose white and blue shaded velvet curtains that completes your room décor. The family room with the casual Caribbean design can induced to get that matchless look. With solid colored drapery, you can tie in the beach design with decorative hardware that includes thick rope tie backs, seashells finials, along with traditional sitting hardwood sofas etc.

You are almost there to finish the Miami Beach theme décor and believe it you will be surprised how little like white velvet curtains can actually play an important part in transforming the look of the space.

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