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How to make your new office stand out

How to make your new office stand out

Whether you’re opening a new office or trying to update an old one you have to know some tips that can make your office stand out.

Making your office stand out can bring you many benefits, from making your employees feel good in their workspace to bring in new customers and partners.

New office design can improve productivity and make your employees happier and satisfied with the place where they work.

That’s why, when moving to a new office space make sure you also know how to make it stand out. Check out a couple of the tips that can make your new office stand out.

1.    Create the layout

Before even thinking about decorating and painting, take a moment to create all the possible layouts. For this, you can hire an interior designer who will help you with this process or you can just do it on your own.

It’s always a good idea to have several designs before settling for the final one. Creating and designing a layout can help you use the office space in a smart way. It can help you decide better where you want to place office furniture, how to make separate rooms in the most optimal way, how to create the best circulation throughout the whole office space, and so on.

Once you have the visual of how everything is supposed to be, you’ll have no problem choosing the ideal layout option for your office. This way you’ll be sure you didn’t make any designing mistakes.

2.    Adding a splash of color

Only once you have chosen the appropriate layout you can think about painting. It’s a fact that colors can influence our moods and productivity – so why don’t we use the color to boost both?

Choose paint colors that will make both your employees and clients happy and positive. Choose colors that are stimulating and that wake up our creativity and productiveness.

For example, the color green is said to have a calming effect, plus it’s the color of money. If you’re in finances choosing green can be what you need. On the other hand, you can paint your walls in neutral colors such as gray or white and then add a splash of color with your office logo or brand.

3.    Create a unique logo for your office

Creating a positive impact on your customers and clients is what all businesses aim at. To do this, you need to create a unique logo that will leave a great impression and that will do wonders for your marketing.

Creating the right kind of logo can convey your business message and it can create an identity for your business.

Once you have the logo you want and what you think will convey the right kind of message, you can do effective marketing and advertising.

Adding your logo or brand’s name on your office building will make your business known and easily accessible. You can also add visually interesting outdoor banners that can be equally effective when doing advertising and marketing. Banners, when done right and when strategically placed, are noticed by a large number of people.

Attracting costumers and clients won’t be a problem, just choose the right kind of logo and right kind of advertisement option. And there you go – marketing well done!

4.    Make your new office feel inviting

Decorating your new office can add a lot of personality to it. You wouldn’t want your office to feel too sterile and too boring. This is why adding the right kind of décor can be a good idea.

Add a lot of plants as they can make any place feel more inviting. Plants also improve air quality and add a bit of outdoors in.

Make your office stand out with interesting artwork. Place pictures with funny and positive quotes that will inspire your employees. You can also encourage your employees to make art that inspires them for their own offices. Add the colors of your logo on the walls, make sure the art is not too much in your face, but that it’s still noticeable.

Add comfortable yet functional furniture. Every office should have comfortable furniture that is at the same time stylish and functional. Functional means that you can easily move it when necessary.

There are also tons of different kinds of decorations that you can add to your office in order to make it cozy and inviting.

5.    Organization and storage solutions

Cluttered and messy offices aren’t fun. Regardless of the size of your office, storage can be a lifesaver.

Having enough storage is always a good thing. Because of this, investing in all kinds of storage space is what you should do. Don’t be afraid to make use of vertical space, add shelves that go well with your overall design. Add tables and desks that have a lot of storage space and a bunch of drawers.

When it comes to organization of workstations and desks, make sure you have all kinds of containers for stationary, that your paper and documents have their own space and that they are organized well.

Being creative when organizing your space can be helpful, too. Create your own organization system that works for you and that it makes sense to you.

6.    The right kind of lighting

Lighting is an important part of any office. The right kind of lighting can reduce the strain on our eyes and make working conditions better. Ideally, natural lighting is what we should aim for, however, this is not always an option and thus choosing other effective options is a must.

For example, if you decide to use LED lights and bulbs, you’ll be saving more energy and you’ll be eco-friendlier.

Strategically placing light can also be very helpful. You can do this by placing corrective lighting behind your computer monitors to reduce glare and protect your eyes from strain.

You can always add overhead lighting, but you should know that this kind of lighting isn’t always the best or brightest and it usually needs help. You can always add additional lamps known as task lights that will provide additional light.

And since you’re trying to create a cozy and relaxed yet inviting atmosphere in your office, don’t forget to add some ambient lighting that will make a nice and peaceful atmosphere with its low intensity.

Creating an office that will stand out takes a lot of creativity and patience. However, that shouldn’t be a problem if you plan everything out perfectly. Start with creating an ideal layout and go from there. In no time you’ll have your unique and cozy office design that stands out from the sea of boring office spaces.

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