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How to Choose the Right Blind or Curtain Design for Every Room

How to Choose the Right Blind or Curtain Design for Every Room

Curtains and blinds are some of the most important parts of a room. Not only are they a practical necessity but they’re also a very important design element, with the power to make or break the entire interior design of a space – no pressure.

This is why picking the right curtains or blinds can be one of the hardest choices you make. Luckily for you, there are various factors that come into play when you’re considering your options, and they can help you narrow down your choices considerably.

If you want to know more about what those factors are and how they affect your ultimate decision, keep reading.

Curtains or Blinds?

This is the first question you need to answer, and it might be more about what’s practical than what you personally prefer.

While blinds make a room feel more open and roomy, curtains give a space a cozy feel. Another setback in using blinds is that there aren’t a lot of design options available when it comes to them – but they’re easier to keep clean than curtains are.

Curtains are usually made up of light fabrics, but blinds can be made from a number of things like wood, plastic, and even metals like aluminum. One doesn’t do a better job at keeping light out than the other, but blinds are pretty susceptible to being damaged in the sun.

You can browse through various options and figure out what you want at Blind Guys and other online stores, but we would suggest you do your research before you walk into a store to make your final purchase, or before placing your order online.

Size and Shape of Windows

The size and shape of a window can really matter when it comes to choosing between blinds and curtains. And even if you chose blinds you need to consider whether you want vertical ones or horizontal ones. Vertical blinds are usually a great option if you have wide windows, but horizontal blinds look better on narrow ones.

On the other hand, there’s a certain style to suit almost every window design out there, and you’ll probably have more color options to choose from as well.


While blinds are easier to keep clean, their mechanism can be a little difficult to deal with for some people. As long as you’re careful about drawing them and dust them regularly you’ll be fine. There are even ways to deal with the sun damage (that involve soaking the blinds in bleach – which may not work for some materials), but some people might find it easier to deal with just taking the curtains off sometimes and washing them.

But if you’re prone to dust allergies and catching colds, it may be a good idea to avoid any heavy curtains in the room.

Curtain Design

Using Both

A lot of people end up using both blinds and curtains on their windows. The main idea here is to use blinds that don’t block out all the light along with curtains that do, so when you need your room well-lit during the day but want to avoid that afternoon glare, you can keep the blinds down but the curtains are drawn.

And when you need the room to be dark, when you’re sleeping, for example, you can just pull the curtains closed over the blinds. This also is a pretty great design option if you pull it off right.

The direction of the Windows

If you have windows that face the sun most of the time, you might need to get some heavy curtains and skip the blinds. It mostly depends on how much sunlight you want in your room during the day – if you live somewhere with a lot of suns, you might want to buy curtains that are less likely to get damaged because of the sun.

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