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How to Choose Living Room Wall Art that Matches your Curtains

How to Choose Living Room Wall Art that Matches your Curtains

No matter how classy are the furnishing items at your home, they must complement each other. Otherwise, your space will look messy. That is especially true when you talk about wall art and curtains.

Many of you do not consider how impactful wall art can be. But for a cohesive and professionally decorated living room, you must coordinate your wall art with the curtains.

Picking the right art piece to complement the living room curtains can be one of the most challenging tasks. With the unending variety of art pieces available in the market, selecting just a few items can be very overwhelming.

So if you are battling to select the perfect wall prints, consider the tips below to choose best wall arts like these:

Color Matter

Living Room Wall Art


Color is the crucial aspect people get caught up in a while trying to pick wall art pieces. They try to find something that matches with furnishing items in the living room.

Matching with the colors of the curtains is a perfectly acceptable way for choosing wall art. However, if you have opted for dark colorful curtains, you do not need to purchase the wall art with the exact color.

You can have art pieces with two shades lighter than the color of curtains to glam up the living room walls. Make sure they coordinate properly and pleasing to the eyes.

Pick What you Like

Living Room Wall Art


You must follow specific rules while selecting an art piece for the living room, such as coordinating it with curtains. But it would be best to use your curtains for more eclectic choices.

Wall art is a piece for expressing yourself through color, texture, or content. Choose artwork with your heart that is pleasing to your eyes. Pick something that you are genuinely attracted to, and that will stand the test of time.

So, ponder your personality and style, and you will feel it much easier to decide the right choices.

Start with White or Neutral Shades

Living Room Wall Art


The benefit of hanging white curtains is that you can select wall art of any color or multiple colors. In addition, white or neutral colors are versatile enough to work with various wall art colors.

It is one of the most popular approaches that explain why beige color curtains are so prevalent. It is the safest bet while selecting the wall art pieces and curtains for a living room.

Living Room Wall Art


It is a wonderful choice when you desire to leave your wall art options open. It adds visual interest to your living room and works well in smaller spaces.

Try To Create a Balance

First and foremost, always remember to keep balance when you mix patterns. For example, if you are beginning with a bold curtain pattern, consider small-scale patterns of wall art or light frames to bring harmony.

Suppose you use a large or bold pattern for curtains in the living room. It does not mean every other furnishing item should be solid or subtle to work. The balance is always essential to keep in mind in the shades, colors, and bold prints’ locations.

If you feel nervous about mixing and matching the patterns together in a living room, start by trying the most straightforward strategy. Select any one shade and try 2-3 different ways all in that shade.

Living Room Wall Art


Consider Hardware

Another beautiful approach you can consider is to match the frame of wall art with curtain rods. If the hardware complements the art pieces, it will be helpful to tie the living room in a theme.

For example, if you purchase lucite curtain poles, lucite frames for art pieces might be in order. If you got goldenrods for hanging curtains, hang wall art with golden frames

Wall Art Based on Fabric of Curtains

The material and fabric of your living room curtains determine the type of wall art to be displayed.

  • Light material curtains: If you hang soft and sheer fabric curtains in the living room, choose bold and vibrant wall art pieces.
  • Heavy material curtains: Suppose you desire to use heavy material like velvet or silk for living room curtains. Pick wall art pieces with light and sophisticated art prints or even quotes.

Living Room Wall Art


DIY Wall Art

You can DIY wall art matching the curtains by adding a personal touch. You can either paint wall art with color the same as the color of curtains.

You can also add a bit of creativity. For example, suppose you want to hang a wall art of a bird. Then, you can make feathers of the bird with the same fabric of curtains.

You can also make wall art frames with the fabric of curtains to add a unique touch to the living room.  For example, if you hang red colored velvet curtains, use the same material to make the frames.

It will add a unique but monochromatic touch. It can also become a topic of discussion with guests and can make an eye-catching décor.

Living Room Wall Art


Final Thoughts

Choosing the right wall art, depending on the living room curtains, can transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary. Although colors or wall art patterns will vary, it is best to coordinate it with the curtains based on your style and preferences.

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