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Halloween Home Decor Ideas Using Velvet Curtains

Everyone enjoys the spooky time associated with the Halloween season, with all the nightmare ghouls, goblins, and gremlins on hand to frighten you out of your wits. After you’ve decided on a great scary costume, it’s time to start thinking of ways to decorate your home, so it can extend the Halloween theme and impress everyone in the neighborhood. Nothing is more reflective of the creepy, chilling feeling you need to convey than some doorways and window areas adorned with rich-hued velvet curtains. Here are some ways you can make ideal use of beautiful used velvet curtains to dazzle everyone who visits your house on Halloween.


The eerie entrance

Right from the moment guests enter your home, greet them with a Victorian-style scary entrance way. Use two blood-red panels of velvet curtain, and powder them with a generous supply of baby powder, to give them that ancient, decayed look of the time when creatures of the night would have ruled. If you can find some skeleton-hand tiebacks, these would be great to add to the overall look of graveyard spookiness. Add in a few spider webs around the doorway, and perhaps even a couple fake spiders, and you’ll have people taking a deep breath before coming in.

Skeleton on the sofa

The scariness doesn’t stop at the entrance way though. On the sofa, you can have a skeleton relaxing, with the head positioned to give a toothy greeting to visitors, to let them know that this house is more than a little haunted. All you really need is the skeleton head, which you can easily find at a Halloween store, and the rest of the ‘body’ (maybe two or three pillows) can be covered by a dark-colored velvet curtain panel. This can give the impression that Mr. Skeleton died in his sleep on the sofa, and hasn’t been moved since.

Witch in a wrap 

If the skeleton on the sofa doesn’t scare your guests, maybe the witch in a wrap will. For this, all you need is a black velvet curtain to use as a wrap or shawl around the Old Hag, along with a traditional pointed witch’s hat and an old-style broom for good measure. Any upright object like a floor fan can be used as the witch’s body, since it will be covered up by the black velvet wrap, and the head can be a wig head stand. Prop up a broom next to her, and you’re ready to shock all who visit. If you can get a recorded cackle at a Halloween store, this can really add to the overall effect.

Velvet curtain supplies

You probably won’t want to use your good velvet curtains for these scary decorations, so you can get everything you need from a high-quality, reputable seller of used velvet curtains and velvet fabric from Lushes Curtains. Check out the terrific online store to find all your decorative Halloween curtains, and for luxurious, elegant curtains for year-round use.


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