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Get in the Christmas Spirit with some Red Velvet Curtains

At Christmas time, it often seems like there’s a sea of red associated with the holiday that increases the feeling of joy and brightness, and seems to add depth to the whole period. If you’re out shopping, you’ll be sure to see all kinds of packaging and decorations in red to help get you in the spirit of the season, and you’ll probably come across the ubiquitous red poinsettias adorning stores and households. And how many times will you see pictures or videos of jolly old St. Nick himself in his lush red work clothes?

The holiday spirit at home

You can bring that holiday spirit right into your own home by putting up some luscious red velvet curtains that will have the whole family thinking Christmas, and all the pleasant thoughts associated with the season. No matter what size window you need to cover, the right number of panels and the right size panels can be found online at Lushes Curtains. It’s surprising what a good mood can be triggered just by installing beautiful red velvet curtains in a room where family members often spend time.



The practical side

Apart from the sheer beauty of red velvet curtains, they also have some very practical appeals which shouldn’t be overlooked. For instance, velvet is a fabric which acts as an insulator, and inhibits draftiness that might come from a window frame, so you and family members won’t feel breezes circulating throughout the living area. That also has the effect, by the way, of making your home a little more energy-efficient, since your warm interior air will not escape to the outside, and force your furnace to work a little harder.

Another practical side of your red velvet curtains are the fire-retardant properties provided to the home, if you should be interested in purchasing fire-retardant velvet panels. With all the extra electrical accessories brightening the holiday season throughout your home, there is at least a slightly increased risk of some kind of flame being sparked, so it would be nice to know that instead of adding to the combustibility, your curtains will actually slow the progress of any flame.

An all-around good idea

The practical advantages of red velvet curtains are certainly worth keeping in mind, but while the joy and happiness of the Christmas season is in full swing, you can push all that knowledge to the background, and simply appreciate the luxurious look and feel of the fabric. Throughout the holidays and beyond, the sheer beauty and richness of red velvet curtains is sure to lift the spirits of anyone who sees them, and add to the enjoyment of that special time of year.



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