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Fun Ways to Add Fine Art to Every Space in Your Home

Decorating your home with fine art is fun! You get to choose all of the designs and where to place them. Many people also enjoy coming up with themes and having the art follow them. No matter what you want to use, you should try to include something in every room of your home.

Here are plenty of ideas to help get you started. Once you’re feeling inspired, you’ll be able to buy fine art for all of your spaces and come up with some truly unique ideas for your decor. Let’s get started!

Living Room

Fun Ways to Add Fine Art to Every Space in Your Home

Photo by Kyoshi Reyes on Unsplash

You can create a fun gallery wall based on your favorite piece of fine art. This process works exceptionally well when the art is large, although you can get creative with smaller pieces as well.

Place the fine art on your wall, then build around it. A gallery wall should feel “full” but not cluttered. You also want to make sure you use plenty of different sizes of artwork for some variety.

You should collect and decorate with what inspires you- you don’t need pieces from the same period. The art can even be in different styles. What’s important is that you love the artwork!

You can use the gallery wall as a focal point and design the rest of your room theme around it once you finish setting it up.

Floor pieces or hanging sculptures also look lovely in an open living room. You’ll want to choose two or three different colors for your “palette,” then focus on adding those types of decorations to the area. Decor with similar colors can help draw more attention to your fine art piece.

Bed Rooms

Fine Art

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

In your master bedroom, you can try hanging a large painting on the wall next to your bed. Doing so creates a strong focal point and makes your bed the center of the room. To achieve this look, you want one very large work- adding more can distract from it.

However, you can also place several small, framed prints over your bed. If you arrange them carefully, you can create a giant gallery wall in that space.

You might also want to add a nightstand or two to your room. You can place unique sculptures or pottery on the tables.

If you have any kids’ bedrooms, don’t hesitate to hang fine art in there as well! You can ask your child what types of art they prefer and put them on display for them.

For young kids, you might consider hanging their art on the ceiling. This unique idea gives them something to look at while they’re lying down. You’ll want to include fun, colorful art that your child loves.

Guest Bed Rooms

You’ll want your guest bedroom to also have plenty of fine art. Make sure to include pieces that make your visitors feel welcome and comfortable. One unique way to display them is on a wall shelf.

A shelf would be easy to install and can hold a few pieces of fine art. To fill up space, you may also want to add some candles and plants. Finally, hang some art on the wall near the shelves. You’ll have fun figuring out your unique layout.

You may want to include some larger pieces in the guest rooms as well. Large pieces of pottery placed on the floor look stunning! You can even include some hanging sculptures.


Many people like to decorate the walls by their staircases with family photos. You can also include a few prints or paintings in the mix to spruce things up. Since this is likely a cramped space, you don’t want to make it feel too crowded.

If you have wooden stairs, you can have a piece of art commissioned. Measure the forward-facing edge of the stair. Then, have a local artist paint there directly or make a piece that fits in that location.

When looking at the stairs head-on, you’ll be able to see the works that they made!

Home Offices

Having some fine art in your home office or study room is also a great idea. You’ll want to place decor on your desk, window sill, and other shelves you have in the room. It would be fun to design a gallery wall with works you love in your office- having them there may help you stay productive!

If there’s a piece you love in the office, you can draw more attention to it by placing a light near it. A nice, low light will help your fine art stand out, even if you’re working late into the night.


Most people forget to add fine art to their kitchens. However, you probably have some wall space there that could hold a beautiful painting or two! You can hang your art over the sink, island, or another area in the kitchen.

You can place the pieces on shelves, too, then set up jars, spices, and other kitchen goods around them. Doing so helps the art appear more natural in a kitchen setting. There are many different fun options for adding art to this room!

Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are another fantastic place to put your art. You want to make sure they’re displayed where your loved ones can view them while they eat dinner. To draw more attention to the art, place more lighting fixtures and plants near it.


Bathroom Fine Art Wall DecorWall DecorWall DecorWall Decor

Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash

If you’re keeping art in the bathroom, it’s best if you have a good fan. Moisture from a hot shower could cause certain types of paints to run and bleed together. However, you should be fine to add fine art to many bathrooms.

Does your bathroom have a large bath? You could set up small ceramic or glassware pieces on it. You may want to tack them down so the art doesn’t fall off. Many people also decorate the backs of their toilets with flowers, framed prints, and sculptures.

Choose Unique Spaces

Finally, you want to make sure that you’re adding fine art to any open spaces you can find. If you have a small wall, a tiny piece of art should be able to fit there! You likely have many more decorating options than you realize for hanging art in every room of the home.

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