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Finding Inspiration for Your New Man Cave

“Elegance does not have anything to do with gender. It’s more of an understanding of the person you are designing the space for. A room, regardless of whether it’s a man cave or a bedroom, should be inviting and well planned” – Vincente Wolf of VicenteWolf Associates in New York.

Man caves have grown in popularity over the past few years though they have actually been around for as long as modern homes have. Today, they have an important place in any home large enough to have a ‘den’ big enough to contain books, tools, games, and anything that is part and parcel of home leisure. If you are busy planning your own home hideaway, you might find inspiration in some of the most popular themes for man caves.

Curtains for a Safe, Sophisticated Cave

Men interested in turning their man cave into a ‘smoking room’ in which to enjoy cigars should consider a fire resistant curtain like Fire Rate Velvet. This curtain contains a premium fire retardant and a rich velvety texture that will add elegance to a room made for playing billiard, best-selling novels, and relaxing classical music. Curtains add a sophisticated ambiance and can keep your room delightfully dark while you are watching a film indoors. If you will be using this room for smoking, store your cigars in a Victorian or Edwardian desk and chairs for elegance. Consider hanging art on the walls that reflect the history of cigar manufacture.

A Gourmet’s Delight

Gourmet lovers need at least one corner of their mancave to contain the right equipment to impress guests and family members. If your man cave has the space for it, consider setting up a coffee bar where you can serve a warm homemade Java with petits fours or gourmet chocolate. You will need to keep chocolate and white wine chilled, so try to make space behind the bar for a fridge. Invest in quality drawers to keep cheese knives platters, and designer cutlery to serve homemade or deli-bought treats in. If you have used up most of your budget on quality equipment, you might save on curtains by opting for varieties such as cotton velvet, which are functional, reasonably priced, and luxuriously thick and heavy – ideal for reducing sound while you are enjoying a tranquil meal in good company.

A Nature-Inspired Lodge

Those wishing to feel like they are in the middle of the woods might opt for a lodge-type setting. Wood reigns supreme with this look. Consider adding wooden-beamed ceilings, wood-textured wallpaper, and gorgeous patterned rugs, as well as comfy wooden seats and a comfy sofa in nature-inspired hues. A fireplace will add the finishing touch to this look, as will a vintage piano. Curtains for this room should ideally come in neutral colors such as beige, brown, or the burnt orange of autumn leaves.

A Haven for Sports Lovers

A large-size sofa, billiards or another game table, and a well-stocked bar are just about all you need to set the ambiance in your sports room. This is the ideal spot to invite friends over to watch a big football game and to enjoy a beer or homemade cocktail while you’re at it. Add touches of sports-inspired decor where you can, without going overboard. Basketball hoop trash cans, or an old bike hanging on the wall, and framed, signed T-shirts from your favorite celebs will do plenty to add the ambiance you are seeking. For this room, curtains in the color of your favorite team’s jersey (think bright blue or red) work well to show where your loyalties lie.

We have mentioned just a few themes you may want to build your man cave upon, but ultimately, each man’s idea of rest and relaxation is unique. You don’t need to make major changes to a den to turn it into an authentic he-cave. Start off by changing small items such as décor, lighting, and curtain, adding a bit of magic to your cave as the seasons change.

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