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Feels Like Home: Decorating Tips for a Room in an Assisted Living Facility

For hundreds of thousands of senior citizens, moving into an assisted living facility is a common step when living independently at home becomes too challenging. While it can be an exciting step, it is often met with hesitation and can be a tough transition. One of the common complaints from residents is that it doesn’t feel like home.

Whether your elderly loved one moves into a furnished or unfurnished room at an assisted living facility, here are some decorating tips to help make it feel like home:

Light it Up

If the windows of the room overlook a shady courtyard or don’t get enough sun exposure, the room might be a little too dark. While standard fluorescent overhead lighting typically offers sufficient light, it can make everything seem a little harsh and sterile. Adding a few light features, from a Tiffany-style table lamp to a simple standing floor lamp, can lighten up and soften any room.

Window Coverings

Most rooms in an assisted living facility may already come with some window treatment, such as Venetian blinds. If you aren’t allowed to remove the existing window treatment, a colorful curtain panel is an excellent option. It will not only help regulate the temperature of a room and keep light out, but it can add a little character to an otherwise drab window. From sheers to a vibrant pattern, there are many curtain styles to suit any type of window.

Setting the Mood

While real candles may not be permitted in the facility, there are other ways to make your loved one’s space a relaxing place to live. Oil diffusers are a nice way to keep the air fragrant and LED candles (that look like a real flickering flame) can also add a little ambience. A white noise machine or radio are nice features to have, and many of them are small enough that they don’t clash with the decor.

Holding on to Memories

Moving from a two-storey house to a room the size of a bedroom can be difficult. After decades of creating memories and accumulating meaningful items, it is usually impossible to bring everything when you move to an assisted living facility. Displaying pictures is an excellent way to show off generations of a family and celebrate memories. Consider making a calendar of some special family pictures or filling a collage-style frame with some favorites.

Creating a Welcoming Entrance

In assisted living facilities, a resident’s door is like his or her own canvas and is a way for visitors to get a brief glimpse of the individual. Door decorations are a great way to display a little personality. From seasonal wreaths and homemade decorations to artwork from the grandkids, anything is possible (just make sure you’ve cleared it with the facility, first).

Customizing the decor in your loved one’s room can make a difficult move easier and feel and look more like home.

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