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The Best Curtain Colors for a Cool Winter Vibe

The Best Curtain Colors for a Cool Winter Vibe

The mind and color psychology is a wonderful thing.  Different colors inside your home can make you feel happy, depressed, energized, drowsy or full of life.  The right interior decorating, curtains and colors inside your home can also help you control temperatures much better or can help you create the right seasonal vibe for your home.  It is always best to play your curtains coloring off to compensate for a better in-house environment.  For example; if it is winter time then it might be better to decorate your home in warm summer vibes so you will feel cozy and warmer inside your home even though it might be chilly.  If it is hot then a cool winter vibe inside your home can make you feel much more refreshed and chilled.

Color and actual temperature differences

Before we get started on creating the perfect cool winter vibe for a room it is important to understand the actual effect of color on temperature.  Darker colors draw sunlight in and absorb the heat which results in a much warmer home.  This is also why your vehicle seats feel so much warmer in the dark areas than areas with light colored fabrics.  Lighter colors, on the other hand, reflects sunlight and heat which results in a much colder environment.  This is why something light colored will be much cooler in direct sunlight than a darker item.  For a cool and crisp winter vibe inside the house, you thus need to focus on curtaining that is lighter in color.  The lighter colors will reflect UV sunrays instead of absorbing them so your home will feel a lot chillier.

The best curtain colors for a cool vibe

Color psychology is so important when you are decorating for a cool winter vibe.  Some colors can actually make you feel calmer, more relaxed and more laid back and create the sense of cold and chilliness.  Here are a few examples of the best luxury velvet curtain colors to choose when you want to create a chilly winter vibe;

Light blue – Yes, light blue is of course on the top of our list.  The color blue is great for relaxing your mind but it also creates a sense of cold.  When you step into a room with light blue velvet curtains you will immediately feel a lot chillier even though the room might be warmer.

Mint green – Mint green gives a fresh and minty vibe and is also great for creating a cool winter vibe in a room.  You can definitely choose a minty or light green luxury curtain to simulate a wintery look.

Light purple – Light purple is also a chilled and cool color that will make your home feel a lot chillier on a hot summer day.  It is a great color for a modern home look and light purple curtains will certainly look beautiful.

Light denim – A light or washed out denim color also simulates a chilled and cool feeling and the fact that denim is so laid back also makes this a good color for a chilled room.

Turquoise – Turquoise is a mix of green and blue which means it will also work perfectly for a winter vibe.  Just stick to a light turquoise and you can instantly create the sense of winter in a room.

Cool colors are great for controlling your home’s temperature much better and with the right set of light velvet curtains, you can enjoy a fresher and cooler home with a sense of luxury.

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