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Color Psychology to Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Curtains

Choosing the right home interior color can be quite a challenge.  Not everyone was born with natural design and finesse instinct.  Some of us have a hard enough time at mixing and matching outfits and just don’t have the skill to choose the right color to suit a specific bedroom, living room, kitchen or patio.  If you have no idea which color lushes curtains to choose then a bit of color psychology might guide you towards the best possible interior design choices.


Best color choices for the master bedroom

Red – Red stimulates sexual desire, energy, and activity which make it the perfect color for a couple’s bedroom.  The color should, however, be avoided by insomnia sufferers because you might find it hard to relax.

Green – Green is superb for any bedroom because green stimulates relaxation, growth, and prosperity.  The color is good for boosting sleep quality.

Turquoise – This is a popular choice in plenty of bedrooms because it stimulates harmony and calms you down.  Turquoise velvet curtains are a perfect choice for busy parents that need to calm down during the night.

Blue – The color fights insomnia and anxiety and enhances concentration.  Blue can, however, seem a bit chilly during winter but is a good choice if you love to switch between winter and summer looks.

Light brown or beige – These colors are also superb for the master bedroom because it stimulates concentration although many dislike the dull result.


Best choices for guest bedroom

Yellow – This is the perfect choice for a guest bedroom because it stimulates happiness, communication, and friendship.


Best choices for girl’s bedroom

Purple – The color calms you down but combined with brighter accents it is a good color for a more active and lively personality.

Pink – This is not just a good color for girls but also promotes tenderness, love, and passion.

Yellow – Again a good color for the bedroom because it emphasizes happiness.


Best choices for boy’s bedroom

Green – A good choice for boys because the color calms them down and promotes growth and intellect.

Blue – Blue energizes and enhances concentration. It is also a good color for boys rooms because blue is so loved.


Best choices for the kitchen

Red – Red is superb for enhancing appetite which is also why so many restaurants love this color.  Obesity sufferers should, however, avoid this color.

Best choices for living room

Orange – The color promotes your ability to accept changes and others.  Orange also stimulates confidence and gives energy.  It is a great color for the living room because the color appeals to most people and is good for stimulating happy vibes.

White or off-white– This is a popular choice for living rooms because white creates a calming and neutral effect.  It is a great color for the living room because you can combine off-white velvet curtains with so many different looks including contemporary, modern, retro, farmhouse style and more.


With good regards to color psychology, you can enhance family living and give each family member the boost they need for a much more functional lifestyle.

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