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Choosing the Best Lights for Each Room

Choosing the Best Lights for Each Room

One of the best ways to make your house look good is through proper lighting. Even if you have the best furniture and cool-looking centerpieces, anyone who sees them inside your house won’t appreciate it without proper lighting.

Of course, proper lighting doesn’t mean you’ll just put in lights here and there. Carelessly putting in lights can also have a harmful effect. Too many lights can get too bright for anyone, can raise the temperature, and can just be plain annoying. To achieve the best results, you have to do layering.

What’s Layering?

Layering basically means arranging something in layers. In this case, layering in lighting means using different types of lights, such as led lighting, to achieve an effect. Want to have that gloomy, mysterious look? How about an energetic ambiance conducive for fun activities? Layering can help you achieve that in your room.

Now that we’re up to speed at what layering is, we’re here to help. Here are some tips to help you decide which lights work best. Let’s visit every room in your house to be more specific on what types of light to use.

Living Room

The living room receives the most foot traffic in the house. If you have a family, then it’s most likely that all of you will be walking through it to get to certain parts of the house. The living room is also one of the places that’ll set a tone for how guests will perceive you and your place. You’ll need to properly space things apart and use centerpieces or conversation starters to get a good impression.

Again, even if you have something good to show, it’ll be for nothing if people can’t properly see it. For the lights, it’s best to use a good pendant light or even a chandelier over your coffee table. Natural lights coming from the windows can also help with brightening up your living room. Consider placing in task lights such as table lamps and floor lamps as you can also use the living room for certain activities such as reading and board games.

Dining Room

Aside from the living room, one of the rooms that receive a lot of foot traffic is the dining room. As the focus is on the dining table, it’s good to provide lighting fixtures directly above it. These fixtures can give off both task and ambient lighting for the entire room.


A bathroom is where we do all personal routines, such as looking in the mirror and brushing our teeth. Most bathrooms often have a ceiling-mounted light that’s in the center. If you can, avoid this placement as it can cast a shadow on a person standing in front of a mirror. An excellent way to place lights is on both sides of the mirror.

You can also place cabinet lights if you have closed cabinets in your bathroom. These lights can help you see better when opening your cabinet. If you have a window that leads outdoors, try to leave it open during the daytime to let in natural light in your bathroom.


As a personal sanctuary, your bedroom needs the proper lighting to meet your needs. Bedside reading is often a great activity to do, so you’ll need table lamps. Ambiance is also a need if you want to sleep correctly or set the mood. You can use floor lamps and wall-mounted sconces placed on both sides of a wall mirror or a dresser for ambient lighting.

Curtains also play a role in setting the mood in your bedroom. You don’t have to open the windows to let a little light in. You can adjust your curtains or blinds so you won’t be opening up too much view into your room from the outside. If you want easier control of the lights, you can also put dimmers in your room. With a turn of the dial, you can easily adjust the room’s light as you like.


Every room in a house should have proper lighting to meet its purpose. For example, a dining room should have the proper balance between ambient and task lighting. A bedroom, which should be conducive for rest, should also have the right ambiance. Lights play an important role in making each room in your house pleasing to look at and stay in.

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