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Bring The Happy Vibes In Your Home With 5 Feng Shui Decoration Ideas

Bring The Happy Vibes In Your Home With 5 Feng Shui Decoration Ideas

One of the greatest things after a busy day is getting home, throwing on pajamas and snuggling on your living room sofa. We all live hectic lives, that’s why the home should be a place filled with positive energy that will help you forget about all the troubles. Feng shui is different compared to other decoration methods and it’s completely based on positive chi (energy). These 5 basic tips will help you on the road to a happy home filled with joyful vibes.

1. Declutter

One of the most basic feng shui decorating rules you should live by is to declutter. Keeping old objects and items that you never actually use and have no sentimental value is the biggest mistake you can make. This concept focused on positive energy, which means you should be surrounded only by things that you love and care about.

When you get home from your hectic day the last thing you need is a space cluttered with so many stuff, things hidden in closets, under furniture and jam-packed cabinets. Stick only to important objects and donate all the ones that don’t matter to you.

2. Keep The Positive Energy In With Curtains

According to feng shui, if you have huge windows located right opposite your door, the positive energy can escape through those windows. To prevent that you can always think of a chic idea that will keep the energy inside and make your space even more beautiful. These days you can find the prettiest curtains and drapes in colors that will promote that calming aura in the space.

Since feng shui is all about details, so what better way to upgrade that corner of the room than with trendy curtain rods, rings and accessories. Don’t forget to open the curtains or drapes during the day when the door is closed to soak in all the positive vibes from the sun.

3. Plants

One of the best ways to attract good energy in your home is with plants. They will not only help you enhance the space you live in aesthetically but also deliver fresh breathing air. What’s even more interesting, not all plants are good for your home according to feng shui. This is the moment when you need to get rid of your cactus and substitute it with lucky bamboo, rubber plant, money tree, palm, jade plant, ficus and more. The most important thing to remember is to keep them alive and water them properly. That is how good chi will flow and your home will be more peaceful.

The only exclusion for this tip is the bedroom where you should avoid placing live plants. Stick to artificial ones and make sure to let clean airflow by opening the windows.

4. Use Your Favorite Colors

Yes, there are feng shui rules when it comes to which colors to use in the home. But that doesn’t mean you should blindly follow these guides. In other words, opt for colors that make you feel good. Different people are affected by hues differently, so some of the suggested tones for that wall might not be your favorite. Instead, explore the options and choose the one that brings that positive chi in the room.

5. Lighting Is Very Important

Great lighting is essential in achieving a well-balanced living environment and constant chi flow. Dark spaces can easily affect your mood and bring negative energy to the home. It’s essential to choose a good lighting solution for the rooms and also get familiar with the uplighting concept of feng shui. The source of the light is placed on the floor, while the light shines to the ceiling. In other words, it doesn’t always have to be chandeliers. Floor lamps and candles are two other great ideas to opt for.


Achieving positive energy in your home and following feng shui is not as complicated as it sounds. These five easy-to-follow decoration ideas will bring joy to your rooms and make you feel more relaxed and well-rested. When decorating according to feng shui you should be thinking of the entire space but also evaluating each corner individually. Start with these 5 tips and you’ll instantly feel that calming, relaxing mood that you’ve dreamed of.

Zana Dodig

Zana is a window treatments consultant with over 20 years of experience.

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