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Bring Summer Vibes Into Your Home With These Awesome Tropical Decor Ideas

Bring Summer Vibes Into Your Home With These Awesome Tropical Decor Ideas

Making Your Home Feel Positively Exotic

Summer vibes need not only be for summer. Certainly, we’re in the middle of the heat now, and it’s going to get even hotter for the next two months; so it’s the perfect time to lean into tropical décor. But if you’re in a cold region, a few tropical decorations can help you get through the freeze as well.

So with these things in mind, following we’ll briefly explore a few ideas to make your home feel like it’s in an exotic paradise regardless of the outside weather.

Tropical Decor Ideas

  1. The Floral Angle

First, consider the value of flowers. You can get them year-round owing to the internet, and often delivered to your front door. Flowers definitely have an exotic feel, especially if they’re from tropical regions of the world. Check out these tropical décor ideas that involve some of the most beautiful tropical flowers there are.

  1. Color Palates

    Different colors are going to feel more or less tropical. Egg white doesn’t feel tropical, tangerine orange does. What you can do is change the interior coloration of your home’s décor. Now, this can be done with tapestries, it can be done with decorative trinkets, and it can even be done with paint.

Which is best for you will depend on how permanent you want the decoration to be. Sometimes, especially if you already live somewhere tropical, it makes sense for you to permanently rearrange how your home is decorated. That might not be the wisest in northern climates, but it depends on your situation.

  1. A Beach Anywhere

    Glass figurines colored in hues that remind you of a coral reef, sand in a transparent glass bowl on the center of a coffee table with seashells and the like mixed in among the sand grains, and boat-themed décor all communicate the tropical nature of the oceanic communities.

Now certainly, there are ocean-going communities that are not in tropical climates. Maine comes to mind, and so do communities along the Aleutian Islands of Alaska.

Even so, there’s a somewhat archetypical nature to oceanic design that feels more exotic and tropical than midwestern decorative themes, so adding seashells, sand, or other items into decorative arrangements can be a fine move.

Tropical Decor Ideas

  1. Clothes Designs

    Imagine a Hawaiian shirt ironed flat and put under glass, then hung on the wall like a poster or a picture. That’s going to bring tropical vibes to any space, and it’s a very original, affordable way to do so. In a similar fashion, you might put together a collage of clothes, posters, beach towels, or other tropically-designed items.

  2. Lighting

    You can install LED lighting that can be controlled from your smartphone. You can pick the absolute perfect tropical shade, and use that to change the entire feel of a room. Also, you can install such lights on the inside of your home, or the outside. So you can make your yard feel tropical at two in the morning if you like; whatever suits you.

Making Your Premises Feel Like Paradise

One of the reasons we like tropical-themed décor so much is because, on an archetypical level, it reminds us of our concept of paradise. Paradise, where it’s never too hot, it’s never too cold, the wind is cool and refreshing, the water is just right, and all the trees drip nutritious tropical fruit.

Well, maybe you can’t live on the beach; but you can bring the beach home through décor. Lighting, clothes designs that might incorporate a collage, specifically beach-themed décor, color palates, and tropical flowers are great ways to do so decoratively.

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