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How the Color of Your Bedroom Curtains Affects You


It is important to consider more than just the overall look of a curtain when you are redecorating.  The right bedroom colors and curtaining can have quite a remarkable effect on your body and mind.  Different shades, textures, and fabrics all can have a different psychological effect on your body and mind.  The bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time sleeping.  It is also the place where most romantic encounters are enjoyed, where you go to for a bit of quiet time and it is the place you wake up to every morning.  Here is how the color of your bedroom curtains affects your mood and subconscious.

blue bedroom curtains

Blue curtaining

Aqua, blue or azure shades are the best colors to promote healthy sleeping habits.  People with blue tinted bedrooms tend to sleep a lot more and a lot better.  This is because the receptors in your eye are more sensitive to the color blue.  The color is also associated with calmness and can even lower your heart rate and blood pressure levels.  Those that wake up to blue bedrooms are often much happier early in the morning.

yellow bedroom curtains

Yellow curtaining

Experts believe that yellow luxury curtains and yellow bedroom shades are the second best color for improved sleep quality.  Yellow’s sunny hues stimulate your nervous system.  Your body releases a lot more relative and oxytocin hormones which boosts your mood and calms you down.  The color is also incredibly cozy.

green bedroom curtains

Green curtaining

Green bedrooms are also a good choice.  Green emphasizes growth and 22% of people that sleep in green bedrooms have been noted that they feel a lot more positive when they wake up in the morning.

silver bedroom curtains

Silver curtaining

Silver bedrooms and bedroom curtaining will give your bedroom a luxurious, soothing and soft vibe.  This color can also make you much more goal-oriented and can enhance motivation.  Plenty of people with silver bedrooms are much more willing to work out in their bedrooms.

orange bedroom curtains

Orange curtaining

Orange is a good color if you need to chill out more often.  This color creates a relaxing atmosphere and adds plenty of warmth to your room.  Orange also promotes a healthier digestive system and can also promote healthy sleep since the color relaxes your muscles better.  Orange is definitely a good color for those workaholics that find it hard to switch off after a tough day on the job and for those with tummy issues.

purple bedroom curtains


If your bedroom’s velvet curtains and shades are purple then you aren’t very likely to be a very rested and relaxed person.  Purple is mentally stimulating and can make it hard for you to really switch off. The color is also known to enhance vivid dreams.  If you have insomnia then this is definitely the color you want to avoid in the bedroom.  The color is however great for the office.

If you are in need of more sleep, find it hard to calm down or feel depressed when waking up then the color of your bedroom might be to blame.  Visit Lushes curtains and choose a curtain with a shade that is more suitable for your psychological needs so you can get the rest you need.

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