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Be Part of a Royal Family: Go for Velvet Upholstery

In the history of Europe, many ruling monarchs and members of the Royal Court preferred the look and feel of velvet upholstery when furnishing their living quarters. Not only did it convey a sense of luxury and superiority to the courtiers who could afford this kind of extravagance, but it also looked and felt like a fabric that only the elite of society should be privileged to own and make use of. In fact, the notion swept across all Europe to become one of the most popular expressions of royal privilege and luxury.

Fast forward to modern times

In the centuries since velvet first became popular, it has not lost any of its appeal to the rich or to those seeking luxury. But it has now also become affordable enough to be attainable by people from all classes, instead of only the privileged. Velvet has made its way into the bedrooms, living rooms, entertainment rooms, and dens of literally millions of homes, and is used in a great many ways besides the traditional draperies and curtains. It has been used in the design of all kinds of clothing, because the same great look and feel works very well in garments as well as in hanging in front of windows.

Upholstery is another way that this stunning fabric can be incorporated into household decor, as backing for chairs, couches, footstools, and practically any other piece of furniture as well. The only caution about using velvet for upholstery purposes is that those household items which typically receive heavy usage may not be well suited for upholstery made of velvet, because all that repetition of heavy weights can damage the nap of the fabric, and eventually it will not be restore-able. 

Other than that though, let your imagination run wild in choosing styles and colors of velvet upholstery that can complement the existing decor, and even add to the vitality of the room with the kind of excitement and elegance that only velvet can bring. Choose which pieces you want to re-upholster, and then you can begin to figure out how much fabric you’ll need to adequately cover them. Pick up some foam sheets to add comfort and plushness, and you’ll be ready to start outfitting your home in sheer elegance – in a style and color that perfectly suit your own tastes.

Join the royal family

Order the exact amount of velvet you need from Lushes Curtains at the online store, and you can get started on a project that will leave your home looking something like the European royal courts of the Middle Ages and beyond. Of course, if you decide that you just don’t have the energy or skills to take on this kind of project, you’re perfectly within your right to just go out and find exactly what you want at a nearby furniture store. Either way, you’ll love it when your home begins to take on the look of a Royal Family. 

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