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Combining Curtains With Mirrors to Add Space to Any Room

The lighting in a room changes the mood of the environment just as it does the perceived size of the space. In fact, 75.8% of people surveyed stated that natural light is important to them. While you can add, change and move around lighting fixtures all you want, allowing natural light to flood into the room is the best option for creating the effect of added space. To accomplish this, you can use curtains, mirrors and various design techniques to add space and do so in a stylish way.

Optimize Your Window Space

Adding floor-to-ceiling drapes and curtains is actually a great way to amplify the space and draw a visitor’s eyes towards the natural light flooding in from the window. As the curtains will stretch the height of the entire wall, it will create an effect that seems as if you are stretching the space vertically. Adding stripes to the walls around the windows and curtains is also a great way to enhance the space. Vertical stripes will help draw the eye upward and horizontal stripes can help to make a room seem wider. Most importantly, when using windows and curtains to optimize the space of a room, ensure that you are decorating with colors that go with the rest of your furniture and fabrics in the room.

Create an Illusion of a Bigger Room

Mirrors are the absolute ultimate accessory for making a room appear larger, and the great thing about them is that they can be installed and used on pretty much any wall in the room. Whether you install a mirror on a sliding closet door or as a covering for an entire wall, mirrors serve two beneficial purposes. First, any furniture, light, or decoration that you hang will be reflected into the room, making it seem as if it’s filled with even more richness than it is. Second, as natural light pours into the room, it reflects off of the mirrors and makes the space feel brighter and lighter. It is important to know that, as part of this technique, you will want to avoid choosing oversized art or collages that can make the space revert back to it’s original claustrophobic, cluttered feeling.

Turning Cozy & Sweet Into Spacious & Inviting

You don’t have to have a lot of space to make it feel like you do. In order to turn a cozy space into a seemingly spacious one, all you have to do is play with certain design elements and utilize the natural tools you have in the form of curtains and mirrors. By ensuring your curtains match the existing colors in the room and can stretch from floor-to-ceiling, you will be able to stretch the space and make the room feel bigger than it is. Add a few strategically placed mirrors to the mix and you can creatively bounce light and other decorations off the walls and create the effect of a warm, inviting space regardless of how big it really is.


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