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8 Affordable Home Renovation Ideas

8 Affordable Home Renovation Ideas

Are you looking for easy home improvement ideas to take around your home? You can start by updating interior paint colors to combining a tiled backsplash in your kitchen. There are many options here, but here are my seven affordable home makeover tips that will help you create a fresh new look in your home on a budget!

Revamp your wall

Let’s get started with your boring white walls. It’s time for a paint upgrade; now, what paint shade should you have? You could go with contemporary interior shades like pale pink, turquoise, or olive green. Or you could utilize the color of existing furniture to define a complementary color that brings stability to the room. Don’t desire to go great with paint? You can constantly add a single accent wall for a more subtle pop of color!

Ditch the Paint for Wallpaper

If you don’t prefer to paint your walls, make a change with wallpaper! Think of adding bold patterned wallpaper highlighting palm leaves, floral motifs, or geometric designs to a family room, home office, or children’s room. Stick with standard colors and more vague patterns for a more subtle home renovation update. Are you looking for a DIY option? Make your wallpaper by utilizing stencils and your preferred colors!

Include Unique Wall Paneling

One of the easy & budget-friendly home improvement ideas is to improve your walls by paneling! Build a rustic look in your kitchen or bathroom by fitting shiplap or wood planks on walls. Give your room, hallway, and living room walls a makeover with wainscoting, board, batten, or beadboard!

Add Crown Molding to Walls

Enhance the look of a traditional room by adding crown decoration to cover the gap between the walls and ceilings! White crown molding paired with a neutral paint color will give your bedroom a polished look. You can paint or stain crown making or also use peel-and-stick crown molding for a budget-friendly choice!

Home Renovation Ideas

Have Curtains

Curtains are a vital part of revamping your homes. It may sound silly, but it impacts the sight and feel of your space. You can use it on a window to help stop direct sunlight or to make everything secure and apart from that it really adds up some accent in any space or window where you used it.

Go with New Flooring

One way to spruce up your house on a budget is to install new floors. For this makeover plan, think about applying sheet vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, or ceramic tile. Sheet vinyl flooring is solid and water-resistant. If you want a look that matches hardwood, use laminate flooring, which doesn’t fade from exposure to the sun. If you’re going to have floors that are easy to clean, opt for more popular tile floors!

Swap Out Light Fixtures

Give the bedrooms of your house a cool new look with upgraded lighting! Add a sparkly light to your dining room or attach industrial-style pendant lights over your kitchen island. Combine recessed ceiling lights over your shower or wall sconces about the vanity in your bathroom. Need to put your creative skills to the test? Try creating your DIY light fixtures like mason jar decoration lights or repurposed drink bottle lamps!

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