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6 Curtain Accessories to Freshen Up Your Velvets

6 Curtain Accessories to Freshen Up Your Velvets

The luxury curtains available at Lushes Curtains are a work of art all on their own. The soft shiny fibers on curtains are beautiful and elegant and the natural shine of velvet curtains gives off a feeling of quality and luxury.  Velvet curtains are also available in a wide range of colors that give businesses and homeowner’s great functionality since they can decorate rooms for a very unique and very interesting vibe.

But adding an extra splash of style with some fun curtain accessories is also amazing for accenting the beauty and quality of your beautiful velvet curtains.  Here are a few curtain accessories that will draw more attention to your beautiful curtains and result in an instant mini makeover for a fresh new look.

Leather tiebacks

There is only one material that can compete with velvets when it comes to quality, preference, and luxury and that is genuine leather.  Genuine leather is incredibly durable and genuine leather is quite pricey. A leather tieback can be a very good looking accessory to give your curtains that extra luxurious vibe.

Accessorize with thick rope

If you have a beach theme going on for your home or office then a thick rope is a great accessory to add to your luxury curtains.  The thick rope will break that elegant feeling of velvet curtaining and will contribute to a sailor type of look for your windows.  You can use a thick rope as a tieback or simply add it to the ends of your curtains for a bit of extra beach charm.

Antler curtain rod enders

Instead of using traditional steel curtain rod enders you can try something new.  Antler rod enders will give your curtains a very interesting look and might just compliment your velvet curtains perfectly if you have a set of curtains in pastel or natural colors.

Lace trimmings

Lace is very popular right now and has the same soft and delicate qualities as velvets.  You can freshen up your velvet curtains with a lace trimming to enhance the delicacy of these beautiful curtains and to create a Victorian style look for your windows.

Pearl tiebacks

There are few things that go better together than pearls and velvets.  Both of these elements have been associated with royalty for centuries.  Pearl tiebacks will look absolutely fantastic on your curtains, especially when you use a pearl color that is in contrast to your velvet curtain color.

Beaded strings

If you would like to add a bit of glitter and sparkle to your velvet curtains then you can always add some beaded strings with delicate sparkling beads to your curtains.  The beads will give that extra sparkle and will be great for a unique vibe.

With these accessories, you can easily transform your velvet curtains for a completely different look in minutes and you can get a whole lot more functionality from your curtains.  But your beautiful curtains are of course fine just as they are since velvets do look brilliant no matter what you do with them.

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