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5 Ways to Maximize Patio Space

5 Ways to Maximize Patio Space

Small outdoor areas do not have to be a deterrent when it comes to creating lush and inviting patios. Even with very little space to work with, you can get creative and use some top ideas to maximize the space you have and even use that small space to your advantage. Though smaller areas pose a slight challenge, there are tips and tricks that can help make the area just as exciting as large areas; and the bonus is there are less maintenance and upkeep! Here are five top ideas to get your outdoor area prime and ready for your pleasure. There is a reason top lifestyle gurus at places such as HGTV and House Beautiful magazine address small outdoor spaces, and that is because they can be as charming and stylish as large areas.

Material Matters

One of the first things to consider before choosing items for your outdoor area is to decide on the types of materials you prefer. This is done to pick items for a long lifespan and also for aesthetic purposes. There are some who prefer teak and wicker items for the more rustic look, and then there are those who opt for aluminium or stainless steel for their more modern and sleek style.

Getting Comfy

Once you have decided on the material you prefer for outdoor furniture you can then start to whittle down the options. Luckily you can find outdoor furniture in all designs, sizes and price ranges. The outdoor furniture available also can be found in those top material options of teak, wicker, aluminium and stainless steel. The final choice really is based on personal preference.

Think Vertical

One way to maximize small areas is to think in terms of vertical pieces. This is where a free-standing plant stand or even a fence hanging outdoor fountain can really add style even where floor space is quite limited. This also is a great way to add your own touch of personal style and surround the area with some bright and flowering plants.

Look Down

One great idea for a pop of colour is to invest in an outdoor rug or carpet. This brings comfort and style to the area. It takes up no additional space as it lies flat on the patio itself. It can bring your colours together and help really make the area look pulled together. The ground area of your space is also a great spot for some candles or potted plants, flowers or even herbs.

Bring the Heat

Fire pits have become a highly sought after and popular outdoor patio item. That is because they can be used for some ambient light in the evenings, add a little warmth on cool and crisp evenings and even work well for nights when one wants to roast hot dogs or toast marshmallows. Fire pits come in a wide assortment of materials, styles and sizes. You can also opt for small ones powered by electricity or those that use propane or even traditional wood and flames.

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