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5 Ways to Bring the Look of Boutique Hotels Home

Somehow, many of the chic boutique hotels of the world have figured out the answer to questions which confront all interior decorators and designers – how to make the most appealing use of available space. Since boutiques don’t have the grand ballrooms and cavernous spaces which major franchise hotels enjoy, space has to be used to best advantage in every way.

That includes all the awkward little areas and architectural spaces which tend to defy or at least complicate ornamentation. Here are some of the ideas and techniques which boutique hotels employ to transport you to another global location, while still providing a touch of home.

Courageous design choices 

One of the underlying principles which should be adopted in boutique-style decorating is to have a fearless kind of approach. This kind of creativity does not allow for shrinking from the possibility of a misfire, but instead espouses a kind of courage in which an idea is carried through to execution, regardless of how non-traditional it may seem to be. The necessity of finding resolution to design obstacles and challenges on a relatively limited budget calls for being confident in your choices, and almost immune to criticism. Instead of being shunned, sweeping and somewhat crazy design ideas need to be embraced.

Affordable glamor 

To add sparkle to any room in the home, try an innovative boutique idea which livens things up through painting gold or silver geometric shapes on walls. Glittering triangles, squares, and circles can provide excitement and pizzazz to any room where you care to let your creativity reign free. Stencils and graphics can be another way of accomplishing the same thing, and there are literally endless designs which might be used to express the kind of mood you’re looking for.

Colorful blankets and drapes 

Velvet blankets and drapes can add a very lush and exotic feel to any room, for instance recalling images of mysterious, far-off places, and past glories. If you’re going for an elegant look, the natural richness of velvet can be used to great effect in long, flowing curtains with colors that impart depth and substance to any room they’re placed in. Soft lighting can enhance this mood even further, giving a warm, inviting look to the room.

Bathroom enhancements 

There are many ways to make bathrooms and powder rooms take on a more exciting and intimate character, rather than leaving them as strictly utilitarian facilities. Little votive candles placed strategically around the room, fresh-scented, evocative soaps, and fragrant flowers all add charm and style to these areas. An exotic light fixture or a mini-chandelier can bring a touch of unexpected elegance into a room not normally considered in such terms.

Dramatic walls and floors 

Dark colors can be used to great effect on walls and flooring, bringing an atmosphere of intimacy and mystery, especially when complemented by candlelight during the evening. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to paint an entire room in such fashion, but you can experiment with the effect you’re trying to achieve, using large wall tapestries and coverings. 

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