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4 Ways to Make Over Your Home With New Curtain Trends

4 Ways to Make Over Your Home With New Curtain Trends

Curtains can make or break your home design. Move beyond simply covering the windows or providing privacy from outside prying eyes to making a bold personal design statement with your curtains and window treatments. These evolving and ongoing curtain trends can help you give your home a makeover, whether you’re planning to sell it soon or to live there for years to come.

Make contrasting textural choices

Curtains and other home decor fabrics provide more than color for the human eye. Instead, evoke a tactile response with a mix of rich textures.

From rough and natural open weaves to the rich warmth of velvet, you can use contrasting textures together in a room to make a strong design statement.  Velvet is a wonderful choice for rooms that can withstand more dramatic design schemes and is available in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials—including fire retardant velvet and cotton velvet.

Quick upgrades for staging

Hot real estate markets in many parts of the U.S. are still going strong, though they’re perhaps not quite as wild as they were a year or so ago. Fast home sales are still common. You can even sell to many professional iBuyers and other purchasers for cash offers.

Selling to buyers and other professional home purchasers usually means you don’t have to go to such extremes to stage your home. Simpler staging for quick home sales means you don’t need to undertake extensive, pricey repairs and improvement projects.

So how can you catch the attention of home buyers with cash to spend now? Strong statement curtains are a great way to draw a purchaser’s eye and make your home look more luxe without costing a fortune. They’re an inexpensive way to punch up the looks of a room in your home.

Look for bold colors and patterns that still maintain a more traditional, classic aesthetic so as not to present a jarring contrast that might not align with a home shopper’s preferred style. Talk to your real estate agent about staging with curtains.

Maximalism is in

While Nordic and minimalism designs still have their fans, maximalism is overtaking the spare and spartan in overall trends. Less is not necessarily more. Sometimes more is more, and more can be better!

If you want to explore and experiment with maximalism, commit to it all the way. Mix strong curtain and window treatment patterns with contrasting patterns in wallpaper, upholstery, and artwork. Don’t skimp. Instead, layer in lots of contrasting patterns to make it look lived-in, rich, and cherished instead of an unintentional clash of styles.

To make mixed patterns and maximalism work, choose patterns with similar scales and a cohesive matching color scheme. You can layer in several different patterns together as long as they’re all echoing the same color scheme. Finally, add some solid color touches around the patterned curtains and other elements to let the eye rest a bit.

Frame a stunning view quietly

If you’re working with a particularly stunning view, frame it with sedate neutral tones in gauzy materials. Keep it soft and sedate in styling and in hardware. Don’t let anything detract from that view. Choose either small, subtle patterning like tweeds or tiny checks or go with a purely pattern-free solid tone that’s perhaps a bit lighter or darker than the paint on the adjacent walls. Or consider repeating panels of neutral-toned sheers.

Curtains can help you makeover your home

The coming curtain trends can help you freshen up your home’s look or even give it a whole new appearance, without spending a lot of money. The right curtains can help shape and express your own style. Make sure you consider practical needs as well as aesthetic ones. Then dress up your windows in the latest fashions with these trends.

By: Annie Sisk

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