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3 Tips For Designing A Bedroom For Your Toddler

3 Tips For Designing A Bedroom For Your Toddler

When your infant gets old enough to move out of their crib and into a toddler bed, it could be a good time to redecorate or redesign the entire space into something more fitting to their new station in life. If this is something you’re considering doing now that your little one isn’t so little anymore, here are three tips for designing a bedroom for your toddler.

Try To Keep The Theme General

As your child becomes a toddler, they might begin to develop a real passion for a certain thing or character. And while you might be tempted to create their entire room around this very specific thing, if you’re not wanting to have to redecorate their room every few months, you might want to go with a theme that’s more general.

With a general theme like a certain color palette, animal or plant type, a classic design style, you and your toddler will be happy with this look for years to come. A general theme will also be easier for you to match or complement with additional fixtures or features over the years, which can make other minor design changes easier to accomplish and incorporate. And if you happen to need to sell your home before too long, you won’t have to completely redo the room in order to appeal to buyers, either.

Consider Putting The Bed Off The Ground

Toddlers want and need a lot of space to move around. Knowing this, you might want to consider giving your toddler some extra space by moving their bed off the ground.

While this might not be a safe idea at first when your toddler is just learning how to sleep outside of the walls of their crib, as your toddler gets a little older, having a loft bed can give them space to play under their bed more. So even if you don’t have to elevate their bed right now, considering this as a future option could be a good idea.

Embrace Rugs

Regardless of the kind of flooring that you currently have in your child’s room, having a rug can be a great addition to any toddler room.

Not only can a rug be a great way to add some color, style, and personality to the space, but it can also help to protect the flooring from whatever your toddler might throw at it. This added padding can also help to keep your toddler safe when playing in their room as well.

If you’re wanting to give your toddler a room that no longer feels like a nursery but isn’t quite to the level of a full-on kids room yet, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you design the space exactly how you want it.

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