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3 Rules to Find the Right Balance Between Style and Functionality in Your Mobility-Friendly Bathroom

A mobility friendly bathroom does not have to look clinical as if you’ve just stepped onto a hospital ward. The right combination of decor and functionality can create a space that is both welcoming and stylish. Everyone, old and you, disabled or not, spends time in the bathroom daily.

It is no wonder that this is often referred to as an important room in the house, and even a luxurious sanctuary by interior design experts. Here are three rules of thumb that can help you find the right balance for your home bathroom.

Rule # 1: Do Not Sacrifice Functionality

When it comes to creating a stylish lavatory, you need to think about safe accessibility within your home first, and then add in your elegant touches. Consider the people who will be using your bathroom. Next, think about what their needs are.  A wheelchair accessible bathroom, for example, needs to have a wide door and plenty of space around the toilet for chair-to-toilet transfers. Also, the sink and mirror need to be approachable. There should be open space beneath the vanity. Once you research and meet all of the parameters for your particular situation, bring style back into the picture.

Rule # 2: Texture Is Your Secret Weapon

Now that you know rule #1, do you feel that you have some challenging limits to work with? That is okay because when you bring texture into the picture, these constraints will only lead to more creativity. It forces you to think about other ways to decorate your bathroom space.

Texture can transform any room, yet it is often an overlooked element of bathroom design. Internior designers teach that texture can be tactile or visual. The use of your secret weapon could change a sterile-appearing space into a warm and inviting one.

Rule # 3: Combine Functionality with Style

Creative interior designers will notice challenges and then work with them to create an intentional look. For example, if you recognize that to be safe (rule #1) you must have a handrail in your bathroom near the toilet seat, consider getting a sleek handrail and toilet paper holder in one. The curved design of this feature is very pleasing to the eye. This two-in-one design adds an element of intentional. It does not look as though the handrail was an afterthought.

When you follow these three rules, your bathroom can become an inviting and visually pleasing room of the house, rather than a room that is only there to serve a purpose. Finding the right balance between functionality and style is safe and adds to the beauty and joy of your life.

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