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10 Alternative Uses for Velvet Curtains

Looking for a reason to buy a new set of luxury velvet curtains?  Well then the following alternative velvet curtain uses is the perfect read for you.  Velvet curtains are of extremely high quality and durable which are good benefits.  The only downside is that these curtains are still too pretty and flawless to throw out when you are looking for an excuse to get more of these beautiful curtains.  It is also important to get a fresh look for your home every now and then so you won’t fall behind with regards to trends and so you can continue feeling proud about your beautiful home.  Here are a few alternative uses for your old velvet curtains so you can buy a fresh new set for your home.

  1. Winter sheeting

Sleeping on velvet isn’t recommended for the life expectancy of your curtains but it is glorious!  The soft velvet against your skin is perfect for chasing away the winter blues and your older velvet curtains is a superb choice if you didn’t have the time for winter linen shopping just yet.

  1. Room separator

Need a divider to stop kids from arguing or to just divide a room for more functionality?  Well, your older velvet curtains are the perfect inexpensive solution that won’t take much time at all.

  1. Screen

If you want to create a screen in your bedroom or in a living room where it is just too easy for outsiders to see then you can use your old velvet curtains to create an inexpensive and quick screen.

  1. Curtain door

Use your old velvet curtain as a door for an on-suite bathroom or to replace the door of teenagers that keep slamming the door whenever they are angry.

  1. Bed cover

If you are in a pinch with no proper bed cover or comforter then your old velvets can be the perfect solution.  Simply throw the curtain over the bed; fold the railing side in and no one will ever know that you are using a curtain instead.

  1. Sofa cover

Your old velvet curtains can also be used to cover up an unsightly spot on an old sofa set or to shield against pets and children.

  1. Reading nook

Create a cozy reading area in the corner of a room by hanging your old velvet curtains there along with a cozy beanbag for seating or a simple hammock for extra comfort.

  1. Instant tent

Are you having a sleepover?  Then create an instant teepee or indoor tent by throwing your curtain over an old frame.  Kids will love the camping effect.

  1. Bed canopy

Create a princess bed by creating a bed canopy for your little girl with your old curtains and raised bed posts.

  1. Tablecloth

Of course you can also use your old velvet curtains as a tablecloth.  It sure is big enough to cover any table and will emphasize luxury in the living room.


With these superb alternative uses, you don’t have to fear to buy a new set of luxury velvet curtains.  Your old set will still enjoy plenty of use and you can refresh your home without discarding your sentimental set.

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