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You can now find us on FutureNet

Lushes Curtains is one of the largest sources of premium velvet drapery and backdrops. We take pride in offering our customers only the best velvet curtains, tie backs, backdrops and more that they may need to add that elegant sophistication to their home, restaurant, nightclub, studio, lounge or bar.

We have a wide selection of velvet curtains you can select from. These are available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit every “drapery” related need. In addition, our products are ready-made, so all you need to do is select what you like and within “no-time” it will be delivered to you. In just, a few clicks you can instantly turn your business or home into a warm, welcoming and elegant entertaining area.

We value our reputation for delivering quality, and for offering excellent services. This reputation has been built on the trust we have gained over the years from our many satisfied customers, from different parts of the world. Our customers, love our competitive pricing and the fact that we have expert knowledge of what ‘they need,’ regarding curtains and backdrops.

Because our customers are important to us, we are always looking for new ways to improve the service we offer to them, and to increase their level of satisfaction. It is in this regard that you can now find us on FutureNet

FutureNet is a social network platform that is very similar to Facebook; the difference is that it is meant to connect online marketers, entrepreneurs and their customers, in a bid to help each other and earn money while at it!  In this regard, most of the content that is shared on this platform involves earning money online and helping each other.

It is as a result of this unique and interesting goal of FutureNet that we as Lushes Curtains decided to create a fan page on Through this forum, we will be able to share with our customers’ information about our unique and quality products.


Having a FutureNet account, also allows us to interact with our customers (followers) in a quick and efficient manner. For instance, our representatives will be able to respond to all your questions or concerns.  You will also be able to learn about our new products and offers promptly such as, the free delivery discount we usually offer to our domestic customers. 

We will also be able to get your feedback about our products and services through our FutureNet page. We will, therefore, have the knowledge we need to improve our products or service delivery, so you can always have a great experience, with Lushes Curtains.

Become one of our subscribers/followers on FutureNet and receive the latest updates and news about our affordable quality velvet curtains. FutureNet, is free to join, so why not join us there today?

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