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Win A $200 Gift Voucher From Lushes Curtains

Lushes Curtains brings for its customers a great chance to win a $200 voucher and spend it on anything that they want. In order to be a part of this contest you can either purchase something from our Website or subscribe for our blog (free) and you will be automatically qualified. This is an amazing offer that cannot be missed.

About the Contest

Lushes Curtains is bringing for its customers an amazing chance to win a $200 gift voucher as part of the contest. In order to take part in the contest, all you need to do is purchase any item from our site and you will directly quality as a nominee.
Another way to be a part of the contest is to subscribe for our blog at which will also qualify you as a participant for the contest automatically. Note that subscription for our blog is completely free.
The winner will be picked by email on our mailing list and since that list is formed automatically whether you qualify through a purchase or through subscription, the chances of winning or all the participants are the same i.e. there is an equal chance of winning through either option.

About the Voucher

The voucher is a $200 winning prize, which the customer can purchase anything he/she wishes to on our site. Moreover, the best part is that the voucher doesn’t expire thus you may use it whenever you like since in any case your voucher will remain valid and can be used whenever you wish to.
Free shipping and delivery will come as a part of the winning voucher and will be delivered to you wherever you like.


In order to be a part of the $200 voucher contest you need to make sure that you vigilantly follow up on the deadlines in order to qualify. The contest starts on Monday May 11 and will end on Saturday July 11. The winner be announced on Tuesday July 14th and will be notified via email.
Moreover, another very important thing to note is that if the winner does not respond to the email within a week, the voucher will be granted to the second person in line thus, make sure you contact us as soon as possible i.e. within one week in order to avail your voucher.

To Qualify

As mentioned earlier, you could either purchase something online from or subscribe for our blog, in order to be a part of the contest. However, there are some additional guidelines that need to be followed
Firstly, in order to qualify for the contest it is essential that you are a U.S.A resident. Secondly, you need to ensure that you subscribe or purchase at Lushes Curtains between 11th of May to 11th of July. Any purchases or subscriptions before or after this time frame will not qualify for the contest.

Hurry Up

This is a great chance to avail a $200 voucher which you can use to buy anything you want from Lushes Curtains. Make sure you avail this chance and be a part of the contest in order to win the amazing voucher. Hurry up and subscribe for our blog or make a purchase from Lushes Curtains.


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