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Velvet is Fall’s Hottest Textile

Trying to predict what will be the hottest fashion trend for any given year is harder than trying to predict the Super Bowl winner in July. That’s why it’s probably best to just wait and see what emerges as the most popular fabric for clothing and for general use at the beginning of every fall season.

For the fall and winter of 2016, it’s becoming apparent that velvet is the big attention-getter in the world of fabrics. This is no fluke of course, because velvet really is one of the most luxurious and versatile materials in existence, and apart from its ability to dazzle on the runways, it has a lot of domestic applications that contribute to its ongoing popularity.

Reasons for velvet’s popularity

Although you may have heard opinions to the contrary, velvet is available today in a whole slew of brilliant colors, including royal blue, blood red, burnt orange, and Kelly green. Whatever color you need from a velvet garment to match the rest of your ensemble, it can probably be located with just a little bit of searching.

Velvet is also being used in a great many different types of garments these days, having branched out far beyond the boundaries of traditional dresses and skirts. In response to popular demand, you’ll now be able to find any number of eye-catching velvet garments at your favorite store in the local mall. Some stunning examples of velvet clothing you might find are evening gowns, crop tops, jumpsuits, dresses, pant suits, and even blazers for the professional look.


Other uses of velvet

Velvet is not limited to articles that can be worn however. It has been popular for a long time as an upholstery covering, because it easily conveys the impression of luxury and elegance in the home. For the same reason, velvet is a very popular curtain fabric – its rich, decorative look instantly brings a touch of class and richness to any room of a home where velvet curtains are installed. In addition, any special use you might have for a covering that requires that kind of luxurious look and feel, can best be satisfied with a customized velvet covering.


Where to find the best velvet fabrics

Some companies actually specialize in offering high quality velvet products, especially curtains. One of the best of these is Lushes Curtains, which provides some of the finest velvet curtains available, at a very affordable price. Whatever size you may need can be accommodated, and in the precise color you were hoping to find.

Fire-treated curtains are also available, if you should have a need for the best quality curtains in an environment subject to specific standards or building codes. To make your purchase even more affordable, you can arrange to buy used curtains that have the same stunning appearance and feel as brand new selections.



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