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Velvet Craze Now in Swim Wears

Velvet is a more versatile material than most people realize. We are accustomed to seeing velvet in home decor, some crafts projects, and particularly in the theater. What would an authentic stage setting be without velvet curtains? In past year, velvet has made a reappearance as a fashion staple, where we are now seeing the material in dresses, skirts, pants, blazers, and shoes. Believe it or not, velvet is also making a splash in swim wears.

Is Velvet Really Being Used in Swim Wear?

There are some misconceptions about velvet and its durability. When used as trim, some velvet can be incredibly resilient. While it might seem that velvet is impractical for swimwear, the truth is that not all velvet swimwear is made from true velvet. While it looks and feels exactly like velvet, many of these new velvet swimsuits are made from a material called “stretch velvet,” which is a blend of silk and cotton. This ensures that your swimwear will look gorgeous, classic and authentic, while still holding up to the elements.

Try on the Velvet Craze Now in Swimwear

Velvet bikinis are a hit with the fashion world and with many of our favorite celebrities. There are several companies that are now creating velvet one pieces and bikinis. One company called SKAYA offers these velvet creations in crushed pink, deep red, baby blue, and khaki green. This particular line was created by New York model OlesyaSenchenko.

Speaking of khaki green swimsuits, Kylie Jenner recently posted a selfie in which she showed off her green velvet two-piece. While it isn’t certain who the creator of this particular swimsuit is, there are several designers that make similar suits. Among them are Dollstreet and Zika Beachwear. Other creators of velvet swimwear to check out include Lost Ink, Kovey, and H&M.

Have you ever worn a reversible swimsuit? If not, now is your chance. Dbrie has a line of reversible swimwear that is created to fit a wide spectrum of body types. The best part is that many of these suits are velvet or have velvet trim. Their Wili reversible one-piece swimsuit can work as either a bodysuit or swimsuit, and it allows you to have two suits for the price of one. Dbrie also has an off-the-shoulder bandeau suit as well as a bohemian wrap bikini, both made of velvet. The company also makes a string bikini with velvet trim.

If you plan to get your velvet swimsuit wet, be sure to read the tags carefully when you shop for a velvet swimsuit. Believe it or not, some people buy swimwear without the intention of ever going near the water. If you are one of these people, a swimsuit made from authentic velvet might be ideal. If you plan to swim or expose your clothing to the elements, however, it’s probably best to choose a swimsuit that is made from cotton and silk, which will also give you that velvet look that you desire.

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