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Top 10 Latest Curtain Trends

Curtains can do so much for your homes interior.  Curtains helps set the mood to a room, keeps a home nice and warm, provide efficiency and privacy for sleep and dressing times and curtains are perfect if you want to brighten up a room.  A single set of curtains can last a surprisingly long time but because good quality curtains last so long, they can get pretty boring.  It is ok to have the same set of curtains in your living room for many years but there are several DIY jobs you can take on to spice your curtains up so they will suit the latest interior design trends and look fresher or you can switch to an entirely new and trendy set of curtains for a complete room makeover.


Top 10 latest curtain trends

A few years ago everyone seemed to be in love with blinds but curtains made a huge comeback when homeowners decided to spice their older curtains up with some DIY projects and with the latest popular color schemes curtains work far better at achieving a uniform look than blinds ever will.  Here are the top 10 latest curtain trends to consider for your home;

  1. Gold lined curtains

This is a very popular curtain trend right now and so economical since you can convert older curtains into this look by creating horizontal patterns on the top or bottom of the curtains by using gold leave.  The darker your original curtains are the more the gold leave will stand out.

  1. Stencil patterns

Stencil patterns are popular for flooring, wall décor and now even for curtaining.  The best part about this look is that you can probably create it yourself to refresh old curtains for a bold and new look.  Simply buy some fabric paint and get a stencil and let your creative senses flow.

  1. Bold curtain rods

Curtain rods are much bolder than ever before.  You can go for shiny brass rods, heavy blacks or even decorative rods to freshen up your curtains.

  1. Creative curtain ties

A new and exciting curtain trend is to do away with purchased curtain ties and to start making your own with things around the house.  An old bright belt is a terrific idea to refresh your curtains.

  1. Tassels are still big

Curtain tassels are still tremendously popular because they give your curtains a soft finish whether you use them on the curtain itself or as a tie.

  1. Lace trimming

Lace is incredibly popular and it is becoming a major trend to add a touch of lace to your curtains and especially the seaming.

  1. Tie dyes

Velvets don’t work well with tie dying but if you have a set of really old velvet curtains then you can always try tie bleaching for a different look.

  1. Velvets

Of course velvet curtains are still a major home trend.  Only velvet curtains can give a home that soft and luxury feel that velvet can and modern velvets are available in a wide range of bold colors.

  1. Voile back curtains

Voile back curtains are a terrific way to brighten up your room while you can still maintain a great level of privacy inside your home.

  1. Multi-colors

Mixing and matching different colors of curtain is also a great way to create a unique vibe in bold and colorful rooms.

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