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The Return of the 1980’s Velvet Fabrics

The Return of the 1980’s Velvet Fabrics

Velvet has had a rich history for literally hundreds of years, harkening back to Renaissance times and to Victorian England, and has seen many fluctuations in popularity during all that time. The fabric has been hugely popular in America for quite some time, and as recently as the 1980’s enjoyed a huge surge in popularity for home usage in furnishings, as well as in clothing.

Currently, another velvet revival is gaining traction, both in the world of fashion and in the area of home furnishings. This time around, interior decorating with velvet has a definite 21st century flavor, primarily in the area of innovative ideas for furnishings around the home. Interior designers have rediscovered velvet, finding that it’s the ideal fabric for usage with minimalist furniture, and for conveying a clearly contemporary style and feel to a room.

What’s behind the new velvet popularity

Velvet of course, has always had a tremendous appeal because of how touchable and how aesthetically pleasing it is to the eye, but recent technological advances have provided even more reasons to love velvet. Processes have been developed which allow the traditional cotton or silk weave of velvet to be blended with other fibers to create new colors and patterns, such as emerald green and sapphire blue. Home decorators have shown a strong preference for deep Royal colors, as well as washed-out retro hues which can be balanced with other room furnishings like carpeting or draperies.

Blended velvet is also much more durable and less expensive, and that has opened up the door to much broader usage, and many more applications that previously would not have been a good fit. For instance, contemporary styling trends have shown that velvet can be ideal for use in large pieces of furniture around the home like armchairs, couches, and even bed stands.

Contemporary velvet usage

A wealth of new ideas for implementing velvet in home furnishings has emerged and is already gaining wide popularity in interior design. Decorators have found that it is an excellent choice in rooms with austere furnishings or in those lacking a strong natural light source, because the right color choice can provide instant brightness as well as a sense of spaciousness.

Rooms with hard flooring or walls can also be softened to a great extent by the luxurious accompaniment of soft, touchable velvet. For amateur home decorators dabbling with styles of their own, the over-arching theme which takes best advantage of the new velvet in creating great home appeal, is all about establishing a sense of balance in any given room. Using velvet furniture can be the perfect choice to offset other fabrics, rugs, leather pieces, or even marble furnishings in a room, creating contrast and providing balance for a harmonious whole.

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