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Start Your Own Business With Our Help – Lushes Curtains

With the start of the year 2015, Lushes Curtains have opened doors for new entrepreneurs to start their own business. The company is all set to provide help in terms of setting up a new business or in the expansion of any existing business.
The company would be providing the material to their new business associates at a discounted price, which would be much less the normal market rate. The discount is available for both the fresh as well as existing businesses. While asking for the supply you need to disclose the identity of the business and use the coupon code “NEWBIZ”. This code would ensure your total order is applied to a flat discount of 15% and free shipping.
Lushes curtains started its operations on April 2012, from the city of South El Monte, California. As a well-established brand the Lushes Curtains is all set to provide support at the same time increase the network of distributors for their products. They are sending invites to all those who wish to start their own business but do not have a clue as where to start. Or if you have an existing business and have plans to expand your business in the curtain section, but need a regular at the same time a reliable source, Lushes Curtains would be the right place to look out for.
Lushes Curtains have been one of the best sellers in the category of ready-made velvet curtains and the products have a wide usage in terms of placements. The company holds specialization in the fields of Velvet curtains which could be used in home, theaters, studios, nightclubs, bars, lounges, etc. The company has a wide network of procurements as well as its own distribution center.
Ever since the company started its operations 4 years ago, it has been setting bars of excellent product and customer service. Lushes Curtains may not have been in the business for long, but still it has become a well-known name in the local as well as the surrounding markets. It has been because of the competitive prices offered by the company and at the same time premium quality products.

Their product range has all the big names in the name of velvet curtains like – flocked velvet, cotton velvet, fire rated velvet etc. The company also deals in other products related to the curtains like window valances, curtain hardware and used curtain. The products are helpful for the installation of curtain frames and hanging of the curtains.
The products offered by Lushes curtains have been rated as one of the best by their existing customers and the local distributors. As the company has established itself in the local market and wants to look at the broader horizon that is why it is offering new business associates with an exciting offer.
The discount code would enable the buyer fine and high quality products at lower prices. With the saved money business owners will be saving, there are many other business requirements that could be taken care of. At the same time free shipping on the entire order, it is another great deal that Lushes curtain is offered to its buyers. It is a promise from the company that the order would be delivered safe, intact and at the same time, on time, which is one of the important requirements for a business to stay in competition and on top of the competitors.
Lushes curtain also has a dedicated line and e-mail id to ensure that all the orders and order related inquiries are handled on time. These response lines would be operational from Monday to Friday and 9 am to 5 pm. These lines would help you with any question that you have with regards to the quality of the products, the delivery time, status of your order, any refund status or the reason for the delay in the product delivery. It means you do not have to run from one place to another for different questions. All you need to do is either pick up your phone and call the department or write a mail with all your questions listed in it.
This offer from Lushes curtain is all set to change the way business is done, although not a financial help but the reduced order cost would it work as a boost for the new business. It would also help Lushes curtain as a business as their product would be reach different areas and customer without any marketing or promotional events being held by the company. These discounted order offer is surely going to increase the business base for the company without any financial or manually force placement.
The company is planning to set a new trend in the world of business and getting new associates. It is legal, open and safe. All you need to do is use the discount coupon code at the time of placing the order and you will get a flat discount of 15% of the total order value.
Most of the people who were looking for a right place to procure the quality material, at economical prices and guaranteed delivery, Lushes Curtain is going to prove much of a helpful resource. As an established business or a new business, you do not have to put in much of an effort to sell the product as it is a known product in the market. Also the quality of the product will speak for itself.
Make sure you check the offer and related terms and conditions to avail the offer.

Lushes Curtains LLC
1855 Tyler Ave. Unit C
South El Monte, CA 91733

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