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Simple Ways To Turn Your House Into A Home

“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”, a quote from Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern is a statement that rings true for everyone who owns a home. Creating the nostalgic feelings you associate with happy memories not only helps you relax in your own living space but also makes you eager to go home. Splurging on trending high-quality velvet curtains in tune with your existing décor is a nice place to start. The fabrics of your curtains and upholstery contribute to the general feel of your room. Here’s how you can create a homely home in simple and inexpensive ways

Light up some candles

Different people have different areas in their houses that they consider the most comfortable. Recreating feelings and memories using scented candles relaxes your mind and brightens your mood. The benefit of candles is that you can customize them for different rooms and atmospheres. Lighting a eucalyptus candle in your bathroom to soothe your nerves or an espresso one in your living room as you leave for work is enough mojo on its own. Men too can create their preferred atmospheres as there exists an array of candle fragrances for men. During the day, let in natural light for freshness and inspiration.

Throw in a few books, pillows and rugs

Books have an aura of their own, that is not even associated with the love of education. Creating a bookshelf at the focal point of your living space, such as above your fireplace or the coffee table instantly lightens the mood. However, make sure the books are not work-related as this only adds to your workplace pressure. A nice idea would be to buy decorative antique hardcover books. Add in a few throw pillows on your living space sofas and rugs to spice up the room. Select bold colors and prints for good measure which you can move around depending on your mood.

Color your space for tranquility

There is a reason why fast food joints are painted red and orange, and it is because they make you feel hungry. The colors you paint your house should be determined by the general mood or ambiance you want to evoke in your rooms. If you prefer clutter-free living spaces and have no plans to include other decor options, you can create a homely room through painting. You will want to select tranquil greens, grays, and blues to create a relaxing living space.
Looking forward to going home after a long day should be everyone’s daily dose. Depending on your definition of relaxed, your curtain fabrics, candle scents and throw pillows should be able to make you feel at home. Whatever you want to feel, you can create because home is a feeling.

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