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The New York fashion week has always been the week where all the creative geniuses gather to show the public what is the future for fashion and it seems clear what the designer’s had decided for this year’s fall edition and it’s stamped with the name “Velvet”. The posh fabric is all the rage with Elie Saab, Hellessy RTW and the like in their fall collection. They’re bringing the 90’s back and coming in with a vengeance. And you are in a unique position to join them as the virtuosos resurrect the velvet age.

purple-crush-velvet-dressCushnie Et Ochs - Runway - MADE Fashion Week Fall 2014green-velvet-dress-ny-fashion-week

Lushes Curtains is bringing the fashion to your home with their Fire Rated Velvet Curtains. The name implies that these curtains are fire resistant which means it can resist burning and that the fabric could take on heat. Lushes Curtains will also provide you with a certificate of proof that the curtains are indeed fire rated. Aside from being fire-safe you can choose from a palette of colors that would fit any space and is definitely showroom worthy. You could give your own home entertainment system that theater like feel by adding a rich red velvet curtain. This type of curtain will make the fashion police give you a commendation plus it gives you that added assurance that your curtains will be the least of your problems when it comes to fire. This means that you can follow the renaissance of velvet and follow the trend without sacrificing the safety of your home.

Aside from satisfying your inner fashionista these velvet drapes could also modernize your nearby church or add flair in your hotel lounge by adding these stylish and fire-safety drapes. The curtains come in 6ft to as high as 18 ft which would be perfect for such high ceiling structures.


So if you plan on catching up to the latest trends without wanting a fire brigade at your door then purchase your own set of Lushes Curtains’ newest addition 100% Polyester Fire Rated Pass NFPA 701 Velvet Curtains. Go ahead and tread that runway flame!

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