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Lushes Curtains Will Be Attending The 2015 Nightclub & Bar Trade Show In Vegas

Lushes Curtains, a company mastering in the manufacture of velvet curtains will have their products displayed at the Nightclub & Bar Trade Show in Vegas.

Lushes Curtains is a company that has been on the rise in the curtain industry with their flawless and magical velvet curtains, which are unique and intricate. Mastering in the craft of manufacturing the finest velvet curtains known, Lushes Curtains are now taking their business a step further by displaying their finest products in the Nightclub & Bar Trade Show in Vegas which is going to be held from March 30th – April 1st, 2015.

meet-jon-taffer-live-at-las-vegas-nightclub-and-bar-trade-showThe Nightclub & Bar Trade show in Vegas is an event to celebrate the 30 years of Bar and Nightlife Industry, a domain that has been highly successful and flourishing in most parts of the world. Celebrating the success in the city known for its nightlife, the event is set to gather the world’s finest businesses and celebrities on the floor. It will be an event of the highest magnitude which will be remembered for a long time and is an opportunity for Lushes Curtains to expand their business horizon and reach out to the very top.

Already creating ripples with their inquisitive and innovative ideas about curtains, Lushes Curtains would have their own display in the center of the most lavish event of the year. The company which specializes in the manufacture of Velvet Fabrics (Curtains & Backdrops), is likely to attract a large number of businesses and stars with their collection.

The mega event that will be hosting other amazing businesses will feature Lushes Curtains for the first time. This is a major achievement on part of the company which has done very well in the recent years and has been top of the line in their business. Satisfying customer demands and fulfilling criteria while maintaining the difference between them and other businesses has been the major trait which as seen the company rise to new heights.

Lushes Curtains alongside other major businesses will be a great boost for the company and will help them establish themselves further. It is a recognition of how far the company has come and is now rated among the very best in the industry. It is also testament to the fact the Lushes Curtains is on the rise and has its glory days ahead. Success at the Nightclub and Bar Trade show in Vegas would really help set a new standard for the company.

Apart from the general fabrics, Lushes Curtains also provide Fire Treated Velvet Curtains to all Business that need to pass Fire Codes with Proof of NFPA 701 Certificate. Customers all over the world get shipping of the products while shipping is free for all domestic customers as of now. The major market exists within the country but a lot of people have been attracted lately because of their domestic success. Lushes Curtains has been receiving several orders from across the globe which has helped them increase their market share and boost their sales. It has also enabled them to go global and to explore other markets all over the world.

Lushes Curtains offer fast order turnaround, top customer service and tons of Colors & Ready Made Velvet Curtains. All of these products are highly affordable, which is the reason why the company is likely to sell its products out at the mega event.  Nightclub and Trade show in Vegas will be one amazing event and Lushes Curtains would certainly be looking forward to doing their very best at the show.

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