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Lushes Curtains, a Los Angeles-based business offering velvet curtains, backdrops and tie backs, is now selling curtain tiebacks, fabric by the yard and grommet eyelets through Curtain panels will also be available on in the coming months.  

Although Lushes curtains are a beautiful addition to any setting where luxury drapery is needed, these velvet curtains are designed with the entertainment industry in mind. Lushes offers the largest selection of ready-made panels and backdrops for stages or events. Stage curtains can be rather expensive, so it’s best to get the most for your money.

Lushes curtains are also the perfect addition to any recording studio or theater. Lushes curtains are sound deadening, energy efficient and give that professional finishing touch. An inexpensive alternative to soundproofing wall panels, Lushes curtains can be moved to where you need them or be taken down entirely. In addition, there are several colors to choose from that will fit with your home decor.

Velvet is a timeless textile that just screams luxury and VIP when you look at it. The extravagant nature of Lushes velvet curtains make them the perfect design element for your restaurant, bar, or lounge. Velvet can transform any space into a welcoming, rich, and plush environment. You can make velvet draperies the focal point of your space, and set practically any mood you want to with strategic placement and color.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and tranquil look, go for blue velvet. Darker velvet shades, like purple or red, create a dramatic atmosphere. For much less than what you’d pay an interior designer to decorate your restaurant, bar, or lounge space, you can create a unique DIY look using velvet curtains. And if your design plan calls for candles or a fireplace, you’ll have the added reassurance in knowing that Lushes velvet curtains are available in fire-retardant materials.

So what sets Lushes apart from others? For starters, Lushes can be directly ordered online. There’s no need to make several phone calls or visit showrooms to get the right thing, because Lushes has all of the information you need available on its website. The site is easy to navigate, making choosing and ordering your drapes a cinch. Once you’ve ordered, your curtains will be shipped directly to you with a quick turnaround time because they are ready-made. Lushes carries a large selection, which will meet customers’ needs and fit all budgets. Lushes provides the highest level of customer service, giving you a professional experience throughout your buying experience.

When choosing and ordering your velvet curtains, make sure to look for Lushes accessories. Currently, Lushes offers curtain tie backs, grommet eyelets, and fabric by the yard on

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