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Lushes Curtains has been in the industry for 5 years now, providing high quality curtains for all our customers. We have a wide range of curtain collections, from ready made velvet curtains that might be ideal for residential purposes to custom made velvet curtains for business and special event purposes. We have wide range of colors that matches our customer needs and expectations. We do ship directly to your residential or business address. The materials that we offer are pure cotton to fire rated velvet fabric materials and the sizes range from small to extra-large which is around 6 feet to 20 feet long. We also send long curtain hardware and window valances. We offer the best quality material at competitive prices.
Our only aim is customer satisfaction and we strive every day for better results. We always want to be connected with our customers and help them when they are in need. We always want to provide the best services for our customers and keep them updated about our latest products and events. One step taken by our team to be connected with our customers is the new Lushes Curtains YouTube channel. Through this channel, we can also inform our customers and get feedback and reviews from them which will bring us closer and help our business improve.
Technology has been growing fast and one social media which is common use among people of all age groups is YouTube. So, in order to keep our relationship with our customers and keep them updated of all current products, promotions and deals, our growth and other information, we have launched a new YouTube channel named Lushes Curtains. The Lushes Curtains YouTube channel has videos that are regularly posted by our team. Our customers can even get coupon codes and discount information directly from our youtube channel. We keep our customers informed and updated about our business progress, new product launches and much more. Our customers can also message us through this channel, leave their reviews which will help us get better as a business.
The YouTube channel of Lushes Curtains also provides links to all our other social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, eBay etc. You can also get connected with us through these links and provide us with your feedback. All that you need to do is search for Lushes curtains channel in YouTube and subscribe. Whenever you enter YouTube, you will be informed of the new posts and updates in the Lushes Curtains channel. We request all our customers to subscribe to our channel to stay connected.
Since we have already taken our business around the globe, customers from all over the world can message us and we will get back to them at the earliest convenience. With all your feedback and support we hope to be able to provide you and our future customers with the best customers service available. You can find our YouTube channel at: Click on the link to subscribe.

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