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Keep your house Warm This Coming Winter with Thermal Cotton Velvet Curtains

If you’ve been thinking of adding extra insulation to your home to retain heat better through the cold months of the year, there’s an alternative you should consider which isn’t nearly as expensive as a full-blown insulation project. Installing thermal cotton velvet curtains in your home can achieve many of the same objectives of insulation, without all the hassle and expense. Here’s what thermal draperies can do for your home.

Energy benefits

If you have ordinary draperies in your household, these will be at least somewhat effective in retaining heat, because they do act as a barrier against warm air escaping from the home. However, thermal draperies can prevent as much as 30% of all heat loss from your home, by preventing warm air loss through your windows.

Conventional draperies by contrast, can only prevent about 5% of normal heat loss, having less effective construction. In terms of savings on your winter energy bill this can have a significant impact, because it will require less heating of your home, when thermal draperies are installed throughout the home, assisting in the energy saving process.

Why thermal draperies are so effective

Thermal draperies start out with the same kind of construction as conventional draperies, but then a thermal backing is applied to the drapery and pleated folds are introduced to the fabric, which also aids in the prevention of heat loss. By creating a barrier between the room in which they’re installed and a window where heat can escape, much more heat is retained in the room. The principal also works in reverse, i.e. the thermal backing on these draperies prevents cold air from coming into the room just as effectively as it shields against warm air leaving it.

The right curtain for your windows

Because it’s so much heavier than a traditional curtain, a thermal cotton velvet curtain can solve a big part of your heat transfer issues within the home, and virtually eliminate those uncomfortable cool drafts that come in through windows. Even if you have non-traditional window sizes in many areas of your home, custom thermal draperies can be designed and constructed for you to provide all the benefits of thermal draperies, and still be a perfect fit for your window space as well. You can even match the color of your thermal cotton velvet curtains to the interior decor of any room they’re installed, to synchronize all aspects of the living space.

One more benefit

The effectiveness of thermal cotton velvet curtains are not limited to the winter time – they can be just as effective in warm weather. When you turn on your air conditioner for the summer, your thermal draperies will again act as a barrier, but in this case they will prevent the cool, conditioned air from escaping outside through your windows.

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