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Health Risks That Might Be Caused By Your Curtain

Health Risks That Might Be Caused By Your Curtain

When you stop to consider all the health risks contained inside your home, you rarely, if ever, consider your curtain as one of the main culprits for your various health problems. But did you know that curtains, particularly dirty ones, might actually be responsible for a host of health issues?

Below, you will find the most common health risks associated with curtains, and what you can do to prevent them.

1.  They’re a big concern for allergies.

Curtains play an important role in creating a barrier between your home, and sunlight, wind, and moisture. As such, they accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, which gets trapped in the fabric and can pose a health concern for people suffering from allergies. This can be a particular problem during the summer when the air grows staler, and there’s less ventilation.

So if you find yourself frequently experiencing itching, sneezing, coughing, or other common allergy symptoms, consider seeking medical attention, but also washing your curtains!

2.  They could be linked to hormonal disruption.

Curtains that are left unwashed or damp for long periods of time may develop mold or mildew, which will in turn, result in the production of toxic spores. This is a serious risk with shower curtains, or other drapes commonly exposed to moisture. When inhaled, these spores can actually interact with your hormonal system, as well as cause respiratory problems (be on the lookout for coughing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sneezing, etc.).

Inhaling these mildew spores can, in some instances, cause early or delayed puberty in children, as well as disrupt the hormonal wellbeing of pregnant women.

3.  They may also trigger asthma.

Much for the same reasons we’ve explored above, curtains (particularly heavy, thick ones) can trigger a variety of respiratory afflictions. They can also cause problems for people suffering from asthma, since the thick layers of dust trapped inside most curtains can trigger coughing fits.

4.  Can expose you to animal bacteria.

This isn’t directly a fault of the curtains, but rather a by-product of a wildlife infestation, which is quite common across US households. Curtains are considered quite attractive by wild animals, such as rats, mice, or other critters that might’ve made their way inside. Not only do curtains provide them with some form of hiding, but they’re also located right at the crossing between the inside and outside, aka the window. The trouble with chewed or clawed curtains is that they may trap animal bacteria, which can in turn cause serious illness when inhaled.

Discovering a torn or shredded curtain might be a sign of a wild animal invasion, so to learn if the reason for your shredded curtain is a sign of rodent infestation, reach out to Red Rover Rodent Removal.

5.  Might account for skin ailments.

As most eczema sufferers will know, one of the leading triggers of that nasty, unpleasant affliction is exposure to excessive dust. And what better place to find a lot of dust and dirt than in a dirty curtain?

A good way to determine whether or not your curtains are to blame is to keep an eye on how your skin feels in a specific room. If you’re constantly complaining about itchy, inflamed skin, particularly at home, and can find no other reasonable explanation in your activities or your lifestyle, then dirty curtains might be the culprit here.

Alternatively, dirty curtains may also be blamed for other skin ailments, such as irritation (this usually happens with curtains that frequently come into contact with animals, and may be contaminated with pet dander).

So what should you do?

It’s important to maintain a clean and tidy home, not only for the sake of appearances but also for your general health (and that of your pets and family). Because of that, we urge you to frequently have your curtains cleaned, either by doing it yourself or by having them professionally cleaned.

Regularly cleaning your curtains (as you would bed linen, table cloths, or other commonly used fabrics) reduces the risk of bacteria and germs accumulating, and safeguards your health. Sporting clean curtains also has a beneficial effect on your mental health, since it improves your living conditions.

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