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Extraordinary Discount Offer for Interior Designers & Event Planners!

Interior designers and Event planners are always looking for ways to minimize their cost while provide utmost quality and satisfaction to their clients. If you are an event planner too and are looking for an effective long-term deal to strike, then this is a significant opportunity for you!
Lushes Curtains is offering an excellent deal for interior designers and special event planners to take advantage of. Any event planner who decides to shop for their event from our website can avail a special code, which allows them a 20% discount on every purchase that they make from our website only.
Not only that but this superb offer stays valid for an unlimited period. The special discount code would be provided once you can show us a proof of your business after which you can avail this exceptional offer throughout your purchase from our website.
What’s in for you?
Whether you are a wedding planner, interior designer, party planner or manage trade shows, you can benefit from this amazing offer which will help you decrease your costs and increase your profits. You will have to use your business name while making a purchase from our website in order to make use of this special proposition. Furthermore the business name that you will be registering with will never expire so, you can purchase with the same business name as many times as you need to, from and get a 20% discount on every single purchase.
High Class Quality & Free Shipping!
Besides just offering an incredible discount offer, we have more surprise for event planners and designers who work for businesses, shows and residential. Whenever you purchase from our website, we will offer free shipping to you every time, thereby, offering a completely unique and cost-minimizing experience.
Any event planner should scrutinize on this offer because the proposal will be an overall beneficial deal for now and the near future. Not only do you get the high quality fabric curtains with intricately woven designs and patterns but also at a price that is well below of what you will find have to spend in the common curtain market.
Important Things to Note
The code will only be provided once the client can show a proof of their business. Other than this, this offer will be valid only when you purchase online on our website. You have to sign up only once with your Business name, after which the same name, will be used for future purchases in order to take advantage of the special discount.
Sign up now to avail the Exclusive Offer!
If you are willing to make a timely use of this opportunity, then sign up now with your business name and avail our sought-after curtains along with the extraordinary discount and our free shipping offer. A sizable discount offered by Lushes Curtains is something that you would not want to miss out on, so make sure you make a wise purchase decision for your business and contact us today!

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