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Celebrating 5 Years with Lushes Curtains LLC

As on 1st April, 2015, Lushes Curtains LLC is celebrating its 5th anniversary with you. It has been a successful 5 year journey for this name, and thank you for being a part of it.
Lushes Curtains was founded by founder and CEO Joe Uribe, on 1st April, 2011. Joe was only 25 years old when he established Lushes Curtains, LLC. Initially, this name was selling curtains from an 8 x 10 ft Wooden Shack bough from Tuff Shed. The “office” was located in Joe’s very own backyard.
In 5 years, Lushes Curtains, LLC has seen a lot of success and progress. Now it stands with a proper offices and 4,000 square feet warehouse, and is renowned as an international brand selling high quality curtains to you. We are consistent in our growth of monthly sales and work with six employees, always looking up and high for this company.
With such progress, this 5 year anniversary is special to the name of Lushes Curtains, LLC. To celebrate this special celebration with you, we are providing our customers a 5% OFF coupon code, which can be used on any product on our website,! The coupon code is 5YEARS.
We are humbled to share this anniversary with you and have a lot of future plans for Lushes Curtains, LLC as well. We have many marketing and product plans that are undergoing development to be implemented soon and so we will always be the renowned international name for selling curtains for you. We have always maintained high quality, good customer service and relationship, up to date inventory, and competitive prices, which will always be integrated in the name of Lushes Curtains, LLC. We have progressed thus far and hope to celebrate many anniversaries with you.
We would once again like to thank all our customers all over the world – you are the backing support to this company. You can go check out the product range we offer on our website and be sure to make use of our little token of appreciation, the 5% off coupon code: 5YEARS
Lushes Curtains LLC
1855 Tyler Ave. Unit C
South El Monte, CA 91733
Phone#: (626)453-0337

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